The International Journal of Software Innovation (IJSI) covers state-of-the-art research and development in all aspects of evolutionary and revolutionary ideas pertaining to software systems and their development. The journal publishes original papers on both theory and practice that reflect and accommodate the fast-changing nature of daily life. Topics of interest include not only application-independent software systems, but also application-specific software systems like healthcare, education, energy, and entertainment software systems, as well as techniques and methodologies for modeling, developing, validating, maintaining, and reengineering software systems and their environments.

The mission of the International Journal of Software Innovation (IJSI) is to provide a comprehensive body of innovative knowledge in a variety of software system domains. The journal stipulates the sharing of research results, surveys, and practical experience in every phase of the software lifecycle—from inception, through systems and requirements engineering, system/software architectural design, component design, implementation, testing, maintenance, and reengineering, to the retirement of software systems. The journal facilitates the sharing of scientific and engineering knowledge pertaining to the development of software systems in a social, organizational, managerial, or global setting.

Topics Covered