Accepted Papers

Submission Number Type #no category Title
1 Regular regular Real Time Recognition of Filipino Sign Language Using Bayesian Network
12 Regular regular Detection of DOS Attacks through Evidence Collection using Dempster-Shafer Theory
21 Regular regular Cluster Analysis for Commonalities between Words of Different Languages
23 Regular regular Static Analysis Technique of Cross-Browser Compatibility Detecting
24 Regular regular The Design and Partial Implementation of the Dementia-aid Monitoring System Based on Sensor Network and Cloud Computing Platform
25 Regular regular Experimental Use of Learning Environment by Posing Problem for Learning Disability
28 Regular regular Identification of the Optimal Hadoop Configuration Parameters Sets for Mapreduce Computing
29 Regular poster A study of the relationship between the questionnaire survey method, the projection method, and the performance testing -Using The TCI Personality Test, The Star-Wave-Test and The Uchida‐Kraepelin psychodiagnostic test-
31 Regular regular Clustering of Web Users based on Matrix of Influence Degree
32 Regular poster A formulation of nakate by a graph model for the game of Go
33 Regular regular Generating Test Case from Mind Map
35 Regular poster A Study on the Effect and Usefulness of Multi-Touch Interface that Specific Example Fuzzy Graph
36 Regular poster Research of Information Retrieval by the Heuristic Key Word Extraction and Clustering
37 Regular poster An Algorithm for Triangulations of Terrain Maps Represented by Homogeneous Raster Data
41 Regular poster A 64-Degree Grid Graph Model of the Time-Continuous 3D Objects
42 Regular regular Swine-Vet: a web-based expert system for swine disease diagnosis
43 Regular regular Implementation of Delivery Application using a Development Method for Mobile Applications
22 Track1 1 regular A Requirement Management Education Support Tool for Requirement Elicitation Process of REBOK
6 Track1 2 regular An Automatic Method of Generating a Web Prototype Employing Live Interactive Widgets for Validation of Functional Usability Requirements
19 Track1 3 regular Minimizing Over Design and Under Design
11 Track1 4 regular Do Learners to Create an Artifact with Good Quality Make a Number of Trials and Errors during the Editing Process?
18 Track1 5 regular A Visual Modeling and Transformation Tool for Multiple Representations of Probabilistic Behavior Model
4 Track1 6 regular A Game Framework Supporting Automatic Functional Testing for Games
5 Track1 7 regular Improving Relevancy Filter Methods for Cross-Project Defect Prediction
7 Track1 8 regular Quantitative Analysis of Developer’s Characteristics based on Historical Data of a Project
8 Track1 9 regular Benchmarking Software Maintenance Based on Working Time
13 Track1 10 regular Predictive Interval of Cumulative Number of Software Faults Using Multilayer Perceptron
2 Track2 1 regular Satogaeri, Hebi and Suraromu are NP-Complete
34 Track2 2 regular Shogi Program that Selects Natural Moves by Considering the Flow of Preceding Moves
39 Track2 3 regular The Evaluation of Chu-Shogi's Special rules by Using Computer Self-play Experiment
38 Track2 4 regular Estimating Ratings of Computer Players by the Evaluation Scores and Principal Variations in Shogi
26 Track2 5 regular An Approach to Estimating Decision Complexity for Better Understanding Playing Patterns of Masters
9 Track2 6 regular Feature Extraction and Cluster Analysis using n-gram Statistics for DAIHINMIN Programs
15 Track2 7 regular Heuristics for Daihinmin and their effectiveness
17 Track2 8 regular A Decision Making Method Based on Society of Mind Theory in Multi-player Imperfect Information Games
3 Track2 9 regular Adaptive Fighting Game Computer Player by Switching Multiple Rule-based Controllers
14 Track2 10 regular Attractiveness of Turn-based RPG Game: case study using Pokemon
40 Track2 11 regular Human-Like Build-Order Management in StarCraft
501 SS1 1 regular A Routing Algorithm for Distributed Key-Value Store Based on Order Preserving Linear Hashing and Skip Graph
502 SS1 2 regular Proposal of messaging system for use in the disaster with one or more communication methods
503 SS1 3 regular An Information Propagation Scheme for an Autonomous Distributed Storage System in iSCSI Environment
504 SS1 4 regular Evaluation of Parallel Indexing Scheme for Big Data
505 SS1 5 regular Hardware Transactional Memory with Delayed Committing
506 SS1 6 regular A Large-Scale Speculation for the Thread-Level Parallelization
507 SS2 1 regular Effects of hearing music on reading novels
508 SS2 2 regular Gender Difference of Impression of Colored Characters
509 SS2 3 regular Mapping Peaks to Baseline Kansei Space for Impression Analysis Method by Space
510 SS2 4 regular Design and implementation of the system using aggregate information from heterogeneous information sources in archaeology
511 SS2 5 regular Explicit Generalization as Generalization of Semantic Generalization
512 SS3 1 regular Evaluation of the impact on the sensitivity of young people listening attentively in at the time of using a photograph of the memory of the elderly
513 SS3 2 regular Using eye tracking to investigate understandability of cardinal direction
514 SS3 3 regular Experimental Study of Impression and Psychophysiological Evaluation in the Identification of Design
-Focus on the Difference in the Expression of Illustrations-
515 SS3 4 regular Evaluating Optimal Arousal Level during the Task Based on Performance and Positive Mood Extracting Indices Reflecting the Relationship among Arousal, Performance and Mood
516 SS3 5 regular Effects of lower limbs cooling on work performances and physiological resposes during maximal endurance exercise in humans
517 SS3 6 regular Demonstration of a pedestrian movement support system using visible light communication
518 SS4 1 regular Image analysis of snow internal structure observed by Ground Penetrating Radar
519 SS4 2 regular The Image Sharpness Metric via Gaussian Mixture Modeling of the Quaternion Wavelet Transform Phase Coefficients with Applications
520 SS4 3 regular Generating High Brightness Video Using Intermittent Illuminations for Dark Area Surveying
521 SS4 4 regular An image processing platform for expendable bio-sensing system with arrayed biosensor and embedded imager
522 SS4 5 regular Similarity Retrieval of Plasma Videos and Its Evaluation
523 SS4 6 regular Synchronization Method for Improving Temporal Harmony of Music and Video Clips
524 SS5 1 regular Project Based Learning with Multi-Agent Simulation in Liberal Arts Education
525 SS5 2 regular An Effective Flipped Classroom based on Log Information of Self-study
526 SS5 3 regular Business game-based experimental active learning using a multiagent approach for management education
527 SS5 4 regular Application of an unbalanced-SNS to a cross-platform online supply chain management game: Promotion of organizational learning through knowledge sharing in a supply chain