Special Sessions


Special Session 1: Software Engineering for ICBM (IoT,Clouding, Big Data and Mobiles) Applications

Organizer: Prof. Haeng-kon Kim
Daegu Catholic University, South Korea
Email: hangkon@cu.ac.kr


Adaptation of IoT, Clouding, Big Data and Mobile are expected to be more ubiquitous, making them as significant components for the Future of Internet. Nowadays, we have started to analyze and discuss the importance of integrating them, and the challenges derived from such integrations. The proposed special session aims to understand the data and where the data lead us. How the numbers of devices are currently connected and are generating enormous amounts of data.This session covers ideas about connecting devices that can exchange data using existing or modified technology, multiple IoT applications, cloud environment, and mobile related studies.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Software Engineering for Mobile Applications
- Software Engineering for IOT
- Integration of IoT
- Cloud Computing
- Cloud Management
- Data utilization
- Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
- Parallel Computing Technique
- Data Mining
- Predictive Analytics
- Mobile (Application) Development/Integration
- Data Analytics in App. Development

Program Committee:

Hyun (Sun Cheon National University)
Byun Kwan Lee (Catholic Kwan Dong University)
Ki Hyun Kwon (Kyung Ki University)
Bobby D. Gerardo (West Visayas State University, Philippine)
Jae Wan Lee(Kun San National University)
Soo Jong Joo (Won Kwan Univeristy)
Taghi Javdani Gandomani (IAU, Iran)
Carlos Ramos (Politecnico do Porto, Portugal)
Goreti Marreiros (Politecnico do Porto, Portugal)