BCD 2018 Final Paper Submission

    Please follow the instructions below to prepare your final paper.

  1. CPS Instructions: For CPS each paper can be up to 6 pages in length. Up to 2 additional pages (for a total of 8) pages can be purchased.

  2. Here you can find an CPS formatting template. Your paper must be US Letter (8.5"x11")

  3. When entering Author names be sure to capitalize only the first letter of each word. Please do not include a prefix, suffix or title in author names because that will cause indexing problems in the proceedings. When enntering the title for your paper capitalize only first letters of the words - not the entire title. Click here to check your paper with pdf eXpress to make sure that your paper conforms to Xplore-compatible pdfs.
  4. An IEEE copyright form is required. For the IEEE copyright form click on either the PDF or DOC version of the form.

  5. Click here for instructions on how to submit your IEEE final camera ready paper, copyright form and author information to BCD 2018.