Accepted Papers

Development of Monitor System for Dry Eye Symptom, Emi Aihara, Ippei Torii, Naohiro Ishii
Increasing Concentration with Neurofeedback, Shunsuke Kawatake, Ippei Torii, Naohiro Ishii
Development of Communication Tool for Physically Handicapped with Involuntary Movements by Line-of-Sight Detection, Takahiro Niwa, Ippei Torii, Naohiro Ishii
Characterization of Nearest Neighbor Relation Based on Boolean Reasoning and Covex Cones, Naohiro Ishii, Ippei Torii, Kazunori Iwata, Kazuya Odagiri, Toyoshiro Nakashima
Enhanced Camera Capturing Using Object-Detection-Based Autofocus On Smartphones, Liang Peng
Measurement of Ocular Movement Abnormality in Pursuit Eye Movement(PEM) of Autism Spectrum Children with Disability, Ippei Torii, Kaoruko Ohtani and Naohiro Ishii
Effort Estimation for Embedded Software Development Projects by Combining Machine Learning with Classification, Kazunori Iwata, Toyoshiro Nakashima, Yoshiyuki Anan and Naohiro Ishii
On Pattern Generating Methods for Incremental Learning by Chaotic Neural Network, Toshinori Deguchi and Naohiro Ishii
Functional Evaluation of the Cloud Type Virtual Policy Based Network Management Scheme for the Common Use between Plural Organizations, Kazuya Odagiri, Shogo Shimizu and Naohiro Ishii
Problem Solving with Interactive Theorem-Proving - A Case Study, Shivashish Jaishy, Nobuhiro Ito and Yoshinobu Kawabe
On Computer-Assisted Verification of Timed Anonymity of Multi-Agent Systems, Yoshinobu Kawabe and Nobuhiro Ito
A 3D visualization display system for the RoboCupRescue Simulation competition, Masahiro Yamamoto, Nobuhiro Ito
An Evaluation of BAR: Breakdown Agent Replacement algorithm for SCRAM, Shivashish Jaishy, Yoshiki Fukushige, Kazunori Iwata, Nobuhiro Ito and Yoshinobu Kawabe
Behavior-based Memory Resource Management for Container-based Virtualization, Gaku Nakagawa and Shuichi Oikawa
Big Streaming Data Buffering Optimization, Abhilash Kancharla, Jongyeop Kim, Noh-Jin Park and Nohpill Park
Issues with Path Representation in Transition Systems, Pei He and Yi Zheng
Asymmetric Neural Networks with Gabor Filters Naohiro Ishii Toshinori Deguchi, Masashi Kawaguchi, Hiroshi Sasaki

Development of Evacuation Guiding Sytem for Eathquake Disaster Ippei Torii, Takumi Niwa, Naohiro Ishii

Concept of the QOS Control Method on the Data Mining in theVDACS Scheme for the Common Use between Plural Organizations Kazuya Odagiri, Shogo Shimizu, Naohiro Ishii

Analysis of Reliability and Validity of Teaching Evaluation Index System Tong Wang
An Improved Dynamic Load-balancing Model Di Liu, Wenqian Shang, Ligu Zhu,
Contour Extraction and Vectorization Algorithm for Paper-cut Pattern Muzi Sun, Minyong Shi,Honglei Han
The Implementation of Crawling News Page Based On Incremental Web Crawler Zejian Shi, Minyong Shi, Weiguo Lin
A Users Clustering Algorithm for Group Recommendation Chen Zhang, Jing Zhou
Recommendation Engine for Online Short Video Nan Yang, Sanxing Cao, Yu Liang
A Music Identification System Based on Audio Fingerprint Yong Fan, Shuang Feng
Research on Evaluation Method of Big Data Storage Utilization Yang Xiaoshan, Zhu Ligu, Zhang Qicong, Feng-Dongyu
Research on a visualization interaction method Lu Jiang, Xiaohong Wang, Ligu Zhu
An Improved Video Recommendations Based on the Hyperlink-Graph Model Songtao Shang,Wenqian Shang,Shuchao Feng, Minyong Shi
Art Exam Scores Analysis and Visualization Yakir Wang,Minyong Shi, Chunfang Li,Weiguo Lin
Application of Fisheye View in Temporal Spiral Visualization Chengcheng Wang, Ligu Zhu, Di Zhang
CTMC-based Availability Analysis of Multiple Cluster Systems with Common Mode Failure Zhiguo Hong, Minyong Shi, Yongbin Wang
DTMC-Based Performance Evaluation of Animation Rendering Node Zhiguo Hong, Yongbin Wang, Minyong Shi
Influence of Ungated Residential Community on Traffic Condition of Surrounding Roads Li Yuping, Chen Ning, Liu Yingli
Mechanical Analysis of Basketball's Movement Trajectory after its Shooting Action Tian Cheng
Study on Blasting Effect on Tailings Pond Zhang Yuanyuan
Research on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Mahout Yongchang Wang, Ligu Zhu
Influence Effect of International Capital Flow on China’s Economic Growth Xianhong Xu, Cheng Tian, Jinnuo Zhang