Special Sessions

Proposal of Special Session for CSII 2016

Special Session 1: Applied Intelligent Knowledge Systems for Informatics

Session Organizer: Prof. Ippei Torii, Prof Kazunori Iwata and Prof. Naohiro Ishii
Affiliation: Aichi Institute of Technology and Aichi University
Address: 1247 Yachigusa, Yakusacho, Toyota, Japan 470-0392
E-mail: mac@aitech.ac.jp, kazunori.iwata@gmail.com,ishii@aitech.ac.jp

Contents: Recent developments of computer systems, networks and information technologies are deeply and widely adopted for human social life. In the background of their developments, revolutionary and intelligent technologies are still developed for making next excellent software systems. Their software systems include not only computer technologies but also related widely applied information technologies as applied informatics. In this session, developing and challenging information technologies in the computational knowledge based systems are discussed for wide applications. Intelligent knowledge based software system and its processing applications, are also discussed, which are important for the fundamental and principal information technologies in the informatics. Data mining methods for big data, intelligent computational methods, smartphone applications, intelligent mobile devices and natural inspired technologies are also included.


 Special Session 2: Applied Intelligent Knowledge Systems and Reliability

Session Chairs:
Prof. Nobuhiro Ito (Aichi Institute of Technology) n-ito@aitech.ac.jp
Prof. Yoshinobu Kawabe (Aichi Institute of Technology) kawabe@aitech.ac.jp

Session Contents: Intelligent knowledge systems are greatly expected as a key technology to support computer-based social lives. For example, robotics and automatic/computer-assisted driving are attracting considerable public attention. The basic theory and modeling/development techniques for intelligent knowledge systems are important, but reliability/security issues are also important since many of such systems are networked. This special session aims at connecting researchers from various research fields but related to applied intelligent knowledge systems. The major topics include: basics of intelligent knowledge systems; modeling and development techniques; robotics; intelligent traffic systems; reliability of networked systems; intelligent control; multi-agent systems; security issues; and their applications. The session chairs also welcome authors to submit reports on problem solving with intelligent tools.


 Special Session 3: Geospatial Data Integration             

 Session Chairs:
 Associate Professor: Ying Zhang (North China Electric Power University) dearzppzpp@163.com

Session Contents: The integration of various geospatial data offers possibilities to manually and automatically derive new information, which are not available when using only one single data source. However, geospatial information integration is not a trivial task since different sources have heterogeneous schemas. For instance, Google Place API, OpenStreetMap, Wikimapia and NGA provide structured datasets. In contrast, the datasets retrieved from webpages by searching engine API are unstructured. The basic theory and modeling/development techniques for geospatial data integration are important. The major topics include, but are not limited to: Geospatial data retrieval; Geospatial data modeling; Geospatial data linking; Geospatial data integration; Credibility, trust and expertise in geographic information; Detection, disambiguation and geocoding of geographical references in text; User needs for geographic search Modelling, construction and integration of ontologies, gazetteers and geographic thesauri; and Reasoning with geospatial facts for purposes of information retrieval; The session chairs also welcome authors to submit reports on problem solving with geospatial data integration tools.