Special Sessions/Workshops


Special Session 1: Intelligent Systems for Application

Computational media computing is extensively developed in the field of computer technology, artificial intelligence, computer- internet related things and human-computer interactions. Media computing is also useful for the handicapped persons or aged persons for their useful tools for communications. Then, the communication with physical disabilities could be performed more smoothly by improving or functioning intelligent pads or smart phones. It is possible to observe the influence of low frequency devices, video, light etc to the human body and brain. In this session, we will talk about the developing media intelligent computing methods and their application systems.


Ippei Torii, Aichi Institute of Technology (E-mail: mac@aitech.ac.jp)

Takahiro Niwa(Aichi Institute of Technology(E-mail: eknolyze@gmail.com)

Naohiro Ishii, Aichi Institute of Technology(E-mail: nishii@acm.org)