ICIS 2017 Accepted Papers

Ibrahim Omara, Wu Xiaohe, Zhang Hongzhi, Du Yong and Zuo Wangmeng. Learning Pairwise SVM on Deep Features for Ear Recognition
Hsine-Ching Hsieh, Chih-Wei Hsu, Chien-Hong Lin and Po-Han Huang. A Case Study: Design Techniques for NVDIMM Controller Implementation Using Low Cost FPGA
Fan Shen and Nianlong Luo. Investment Time Series Prediction Using a Hybrid Model Based on RBMs and Pattern Clustering
Alexander Njeru, Mwana Said and Sun Yi. IoTs for capturing and mastering massive data for online courses
Manghui Tu, Kyle Riordan, Geyang Xie and Shuhui Yang. A Secure Contact Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks
Xiaofeng Cui. An Approach Implementing Template-Based Process Development on BPMN
Xiaofeng Cui. Retrospection and Perspectives on Pragmatic Software Architecture Design: An Industrial Report
Ping Zhou, Guochao Cai, Yiwei Cao, Siyuan He and Nirong Bao. A Rapid Fuzzy Distance Transform Algorithm
Jia Guo and Yuji Sato. A Pair-wise Bare Bones Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Grouping Evolution
Tu Zhixiao and Hong Chengchen. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Indoor Environment Monitor and Control System
Jianwu Dong, Zihan Zhuo and Jia Li. A New Phase Image Reconstruction Method using Markov Random Fields
Jiawei Liu, Qingshan Li, Yishuai Lin and Yingjian Li. A Query Suggestion Method Based on Random Walk and Topic Concepts
Emmanuel Bikorimana and Yi Sun. M-Kinyarwanda: Promoting Autonomous Language Learning through a Robust Mobile Application
Fairouz Fakhfakh, Hatem Hadj Kacem and Ahmed Hadj Kacem. Simulation Tools for Cloud Computing: A Survey and Comparative Study
Yuan Ziqian and Zhang Wenhui. A PageRank-improved ranking algorithm based on cheating similarity and cheating relevance
Ruijian Zhang. Applying Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing to Speed up Data Mining Processing
Xiaotao Yang, Yingyou Wen, Mingyang Zhang and Hong Zhao. 3D Visual Correlation Model for Wireless Visual sensor networks
Yang Xu, Fei Teng and Qianhui Liu. Management Information Systems for Advertisement based on Online-to-Offline Strategy
Ahmed Hagag, Ibrahim Omara, Souleyman Chaib, Xiaopeng Fan and Fathi Abd El-Samie. Distributed Coding and Transmission Scheme for Wireless Communication of Satellite Images
Qingshuang Sun, Rongjing Hu, Zhao Yang, Yabing Yao and Fan Yang. An improved link prediction algorithm based on degrees and similarities of nodes
Li Hui, Shi Xiaohua, Wang Biao and Zhu Xiaoqing. Design and Study of Leg Automatic Leveling Control System of Military Bridge
Sen Wang, Li Cai, Huanqing Cui, Chaowen Feng and Xiaokuo Yang. Three-dimensional quantum cellular neural network and its application to image processing
Yunyun Wu, Jing Liu, Jingyu Hou and Shaowen Yao. A stateful multicast key distribution protocol based on identity-based encryption
Yohei Aoki, Hironori Washizaki, Chimaki Shimura, Yuichiro Senzaki and Yoshiaoki Fukazawa. Experimental Evaluation of HoRIM to Improve Business Strategy Models
Guoshuai Cai and Chunqing Li. Application of Improved Wavelet Neural Network in MBR Flux Prediction
Yang Song, Jianzhou Chen and Lixiang Liu. A Temporal Graph Model based Power Aware Routing Algorithm in Deep-space Networks
Zhe Chen and Shuming Chen. A High-speed Low Voltage CMOS Schmitt Trigger With Adjustable Hysteresis
Bowei Hong, Zhiqiang Wei and Yongquan Yang. Online Education Performance Prediction via Time-related Features
Son Trinh, Luu Nguyen and Minh Vo. Combining lexicon-based and learning-based methods for sentiment analysis for product reviews in Vietnamese language
Feng Youli and Wang Shanshan. A Forcast for Bicycle Rental Demand Based on Random Forests and Multiple Linear Regression
Wiem Zemzem and Moncef Tagina. Cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning in a large stationary environment
Sriharsha Mallapuram, Nnatubemugo Ngwum, Fang Yuan, Chao Lu and Wei Yu. Smart City: The State of Art, Datasets, and Evaluation Platforms
Gang Hu, Yan Wang and Lei Guo. NS-SOF: A Non-feature Matching Approach for Sparse Optical Flow Based on NNF and Superpixel
Wakeel Khan, Lin Yan and Sarmad Ullah Khan. Adaptive Quantized Control for a Class of Multivariable Nonlinear Systems
Wakeel Khan, Lin Yan and Sarmad Ullah Khan. Robust Tracking Control for a Class of Multivariable Nonlinear Systems with Input Quantization
Myat Su Wai and Sint Sint Aung. Simultaneous Opinion Lexicon Expansion and Product Feature Extraction
Pyae Phyo Thu and Nwe Nwe. Impact Analysis of Emotion in Figurative Language
Mohamed K. Elhadad, Khaled M. Badran and Gouda I. Salama. A novel approach for ontology-based dimensionality reduction for web text document classification
Phyuphyu Khaing and Nwe Nwe. Adaptive Methods for Efficient Burst and Correlative Burst Detection
Priyanga Chandrasekar and Kai Qian. Improving the Prediction Accuracy of Decision Tree Mining with Data Preprocessing
Hao Ren and Yun Yang. K-means based on Active Learning for Support Vector Machine
Axiang Ke, Zhen Gao, Rongjie Yu, Min Wang and Xuesong Wang. A Hybrid Approach for Urban Expressway Traffic Incident Duration Prediction with Cox Regression and Random Survival Forests Models
Jiaye Shao, Yanqin Zhu and Qijin Ji. Privacy-Preserving Online/Offline and Outsourced Multi-Authority Attribute-Based Encryption
Xiaoyang Wu, Ron Steinfeld, Joseph Liu and Carsten Rudolph. An implementation of access-cntrol protocol for IoT home scenario
Yi Zhao, Jiayu Gong, Yun Hu, Zhenyu Liu and Lizhi Cai. Analysis of Quality Evaluation Based on ISO/IEC SQuaRE Series Standards and Its Considerations
Omar Salem and Liwei Wang. An improved Fuzzy Mutual Information Feature Selection for Classification Systems
Wenling Yang, Guowei Chen, Menhong Wang and Jianxin Gong. Research and implementation on portable metal-oxide arresters performance detection
Bowen Chen, Lei Jiang and Qun Zhang. UWB signal detection based on wavelet packet and FHN model
Di Chen, Hao Li and Shilei Zhou. CSEP: Circular Shifting Encryption Protocols for Location Privacy Protection
Santoso Wibowo and Srimannarayana Grandhi. Performance Evaluation of Recoverable End-of-life Products in the Reverse Supply Chain
Xiaofang Liu and Yun Yang. Semi-Supervised Distance Metric Learning for Person Re-Identification
Boonlert Watjatrakul and Chan Pin Hu. Effects of Personal Values and Perceived Values on E-book Adoption
Manop Phankokkruad. Efficient Similarity Measurement by the Combination of Distance Algorithms to Identify the Duplication Relativity
Jiuqiang Han, Rong Li, Xinman Zhang and Hongqiang Lv. A computational method for identification of disease-associated non-coding SNPs in human genome
Tokiko Shiina, Yuji Iwahori, Yohei Takada, Boonserm Kijsirikul and M. K. Bhuyan. Reducing Misclassification of True Defects in Defect Classification of Electronic Board
Hamza Gharsellaoui. Robotics Data Real-Time Management Based on NoSQL Solution
Khaing Phyo Wai and Nwe Nwe. Measuring the Distance of Moving Objects from Big Trajectory Data
Zhenghui Liu, Lixiang Liu and Jianzhou Chen. Two-scale Geographic Back-pressure Algorithm for Deep Space Networks
Sisi Marwin and Than Nwe Aung. Target Oriented Tweets Monitoring System for Natural Disasters
Zhang Dehai, Wang Naiyao, Yang Yun, Yuan Ye and Wang Bin. Fuzzy Ontology Induction in the Cognitive Model of Ontology Learning
Liu Lihui and Lv Pin. A group based Genetic algorithm Data replica placement strategy for Scientific workflow
Khin Zezawar Aung and Nyein Nyein Myo. Sentiment Analysis of Students’ comment using Lexicon Based Approach
Than Than Wai and Sint Sint Aung. Enhanced Frequent Itemsets Based on Topic Modeling in Information Filtering
Arya Wicaksana and Chong Ming Tang. Virtual Prototyping Platform for Multiprocessor System-on-Chip Hardware/Software Co-design and Co-verification
Ji Wu, Dezun Dong and Li Wang. NoC Power Optimization using Combined Routing Algorithms
Uzapi Hange, Rajalakshmi Selvaraj, Malatsi Galani and Keletso Letsholo. A Novel Data-mining Model for Automated Prediction of Low Birth Weight
Mohamed Bouyahi. Remote sensing of damage bridge structure of free vibration by using finite element method based on subspace fitting
Faten Fakhfakh, Mohamed Tounsi, Mohamed Mosbah, Dominique Méry and Ahmed Hadj Kacem. A Formal Approach for Maintaining Forest Topologies in Dynamic Networks
Marwa Hachicha and Riadh Ben Halima. Design and Timed Verification of Self-adaptive Systems
Rasha Almajed, William R Agosto Padilla, Ramesh Karne and Alexander Wijesinha. Integrating Bare and OS Based Systems
Mohammed Alyami, Majed Almotairi, Lawrence Aikins and Yeong-Tae Song. Managing Personal Health Records using meta-data and cloud storage
Sunhwa Nam, Kyungwoon Cho and Hyokyung Bahn. Combining Memory Allocation and Processor Volatage Scaling for Energy-Efficient IoT Task Scheduling
Zhiqiang Huang, Zhen Gao, Rongjie Yu, Xuesong Wang and Kui Yang. Utilizing Latent Class Logit Model to Predict Crash Risk
Xuebo Zhang, Bo Yang and Wenwei Ying. Parameter Estimation for Class A Modeled Ocean Ambient Noise
Ruiling Gao, Wei-Tse Sun, Alva Couch and Chorng Hwa Chang. Stochastic Radio Interferometric Positioning with Unsynchronized Modulated Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jingzhe Fan, Yan Wang and Lei Guo. Modified Flow Initialization and Gradient Term for Large Displacement Optical Flow
Santoso Wibowo and Srimannarayaana Grandhi. A Multicriteria Approach for Selecting the Optimal Location of Waste Electrical and Electronic Treatment Plants
Chenn-Jung Huang, Jhih-Yuan Jhang, Jui-Ting Hsiao, Kai-Wen Hu and Chia-Chin Chu. An intelligent renewables-based energy management system for energy internet
Zhihua Xie. Fusion of LBP and HOG Using Multiple Kernel Learning for Infrared Face Recognition
Fasheng Wang, Baowei Lin and Peihua Li. An Ant Particle Filter for Visual Tracking
Alfian Akbar Gozali and Shigeru Fujimura. Localization Strategy for Island Model Genetic Algorithm to Preserve Population Diversity
Mohamed Abdellahi Amar, Walid Khaznaji and Monia Bellalouna. A parallel hybrid heuristic based on Karp’s partitioning for PTSP on multi-core processors
Kanokwan Atchariyachanvanich, Nichaporn Mitinunwong and Butsaraporn Tamthong. Factors Affecting Disclosure of Personal Health Information via Mobile Application
Ji Wentian, Guo Qingju and Lei Yanrui. HM-AprioriAll Algorithm Improvement Based on Hadoop Environment
Guo Qingju, Ji Wentian and Zhou Renyun. Algorithm Study under Big Data Environment of Personalized Recommendation Based on User Interest Model
Yanjun Kong, Yadong Mei and Weinan Li. An enhanced water cycle algorithm for multi-reservior system operation optimzation
Haiyan Wang, Weiqi Deng, Binchao Huang and Jianping Li. The Restricted Minimum Single Source Shortest Path Tree Expansion Problem
Hera Arif and Hassan Hajjdiab. A Comparison between Steganography Softwares
Jin Huang, Fan Yang, Zengkun Li, Xibin Zhao, Yangdong Deng and Ming Gu. Human Experience Knowledge Induction based Intelligent Train Driving
Wenhua Shi, Xiongwei Zhang, Xia Zou, Wei Han and Gang Min. Auditory Mask Estimation by RPCA for Monaural Speech Enhancement
Weiwei Du. Development of an Interface for Volumetric Measurement on a Ground-Glass Opacity Nodule
Isidoros Perikos and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis. Aspect based Sentiment Analysis in Social Media with Classifier Ensembles
Wafa Gabsi and Bechir Zalila. Development of a parser for the AADL Error Model Annex
Walid Fantazi. Architecture of a Real Time Weather Monitoring System in a Space Time Environment Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Yuhan Dong, Yuanyuan Tang and Kai Zhang. Improved Joint Antenna Selection and User Scheduling for Massive MIMO Systems
Hui Wang, Yuhan Dong and Kai Zhang. A Spatial-Temporal Model to Improve PM2.5 Inference
Zhen Wang and Weidong Geng. Generation of View-Dependent Textures for An Inaccurate Model
Jing Tian and Zongling Zheng. Smart Eucation in Yunnan, China: Present Situation and Construction Measures
Wang Guodong and Liu Xiaojian. A Parallel Image Processing Platform based on Multi-Core DSP
Wang Guodong, Cheng Yue, Zhang Lei and Zhai Zhengjun. Real-time Image Detail Enhancement Implementing on Multi-core DSP Platform
Yan Zhang, Jiazhen Han, Jing Liu, Tingliang Zhou and Junfeng Sun. Safety Prediction of Rail Transit System Based on Deep Learning
Chozin Myint, Lenin Gopal and Yanlin Aung. Reconfigurable Smart Water Quality Monitoring System in IoT Environment

Xiangning Chen, Chunqing Li, Wenbo Hu and Jia Tang. Research on RBF Neural Network in Simulation of MBR Membrane Pollution Simulation

Special Sessions/Workshops

Research on Big Data Management and Analysis Method of Multi-Platform Avionic, Wang Miao, Dai Zheng, Guo Hangyu, Yang Tao
QoS-CITS: A Simulator for Service-oriented Cooperative ITS of Intelligent Vehicles, Zhang Kailong, Wang Min, Su Hang, Yang Ansheng, Arnaud de La Fortelle and Miao Kejian
Multi-platform fire control strike track planning method based on deep enhance learning, Zhang Lihua, Wang Miao, Guo Hangyu, Yang Tao
Real-time Image Detail Enhancement Implementing on Multi-core DSP Platform, Wang Guodong, Cheng Yue, Zhang Lei, Zhai Zhengjun
A Parallel Method for Aerial Image Stitching Using ORB Feature Points, Wang Guodong, Zhai Zhengjun, Xu Bangdao, Cheng Yue
Parallel Image Processing Platform based on Multi-Core DSP, Wang Guodong, Liu Xiaojian
Ground Proximity Warning Mission System Dynamic Safety Modeling Based on SoTeRiA, Wang Miao, Chen Jie
Heuristic Simulated Annealing Approach for Diffusion Scheduling in a Semiconductor Fab, Yinzhi Zhou, Kan Wu
Improvements for genetic algorithm for flexible job-shop scheduling with overlapping in operations, Yiyong He, Wei Weng, Shigeru Fujimura
Optimization algorithm to solve job shop scheduling problems, Linna Li, Wei Weng, Shigeru Fujimura
A Hybrid MTS-MTO Production Model with a Dynamic Decoupling Point for Flexible Flow Shops, Yanchao Jia, Wei Weng, Shigeru Fujimura
Feature Selection based on Multiple Kernel Learning for Process Monitoring, Sheng-Lan Yang, Gang Rong, Yi-Ping Feng
An Empirical Study on Clustering Approach Combining Fault Prediction for Test Case Prioritization, Lei Xiao,Huaikou Miao, Weiwei Zhuang ,Shaojun Chen
A Study for Extended Regular Expression-based Testing, Pan Liu, Jun Ai, Zhenning(Jimmy) Xu
Credit Evaluation of Gas Consumers by Combining, Wenqing Xu,Jinglei Shen, Jianmei
Malware Detection on Android Smartphones using Keywords Vector and SVM, Junmei Sun, Xuejiao Liu, Chunlei Yang, Kai Yan, Yaoyin Fu
Mini-XML: An efficient mapping approach between XML and relational database, Huchao Zhu, Huiqun Yu, Guisheng Fan, Huaiying Sun
An Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous Hadoop Systems, Jiazhen Han,Zhengheng Yuan,
Yiheng Han etc.
Safety Prediction of Rail Transit System Based on Deep Learning, Yan Zhang, Jiazhen Hany,Jing Liu
Communicating Process Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems with Spatio-Temporal Features, Zhike Wu,Jing Liu
Path Reduction of Multiple Test Points in Dynamic Symbolic Exectution, Jiawen Lu,Lizhi Cai,Yang Zhang
On Member Search Engine Selection Using Artificial Neural Network in Meta Search Engine, Denghong Liu, Xian Xu
Hierarchy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme to Support Direct Revocation in Cloud Support Direct Revocation in Cloud Storage, Jiang Shuci, Guo Weibin, Fan Guisheng
Realization of a robot climbing stairs and consideration of verification system application, Tomoo Sumida, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Sho Sei Shun, Kazuhito Omaki, Takaaki Goto, Kensei
Ridge Line Detection of Terrain Maps Represented by Homogeneous Triangular DissectionsPaper, Shinji Koka, Koichi Anada, Takaaki Goto, Hitomi Noto, Takeo Yaku
A Transducing System between Hichart and XC on a Visual Software Development Environment, Takaaki Goto, Ryo Nakahata, Tadaaki Kirishima, Kensei Tsuchida, Takeo Yaku
A Communication Method between IPv4 server and IPv6 Network in Virtual Machine Environment, Feng Sha, Xuhui Chen, Ruizhe Ye, Menghong Wu, Zilong Zhang, Wentian Cai
Stepper Motor SPWM Subdivision Control Circuit Design Based on FPGA, WANG Hong-bin ZHANG Zhe, CHEN Xu-hui, WANG Yuan-bin
STM32-based Vehicle Data Acquisition System for Internet-of-Vehicles, Yong Xie, Xin Suy, Yifan He, Xuhui Chen, Gengliang Cai, Baisheng Xu, Wenjia Ye
Cloud-Assisted Home Health Monitoring System, Jianqiang Hu, Xuhui Chen, Yuan Wang, Yicheng Huang, Xin Su
Holistic Instructional Design Model and Course Examination for the Four-Component Instructional Design System, Xuhui Chen, Huiyan Cheng, Zelong Hao, Boyu Wen, Shaochun Xu
Lunar crater visualization based on orthogonal spline basis, Wei Chen ,Lifang Chen
A Flexible Finger-mounted Airbrush Model for Immersive Freehand Painting, Ruimin Lyu, Fei Chen, Yuefeng Ze, Wei Chen, Yuan Liu
An ensemble classification algorithm for convolutional neural network based on AdaBoost, Shuo Yang, Lifang Chen, Tao Yan, Yunhao Zhao, Yejia Fan
Research and Implementation of SVD in Machine Learning, Yongchang Wang, Ligu Zhu
Feature Extension for Chinese Short Text Classification Based on Topical N-Grams, Baoshan Sun, Peng Zhao
Design and Implementation of Recommendation System of Micro Video’s Topic, Dongdong Jiang, Wenqian Shang
The Online Education Platform using Proxmox and noVNC technology based on Laravel Framework, Lei Chen, Wei Huang, Aina Sui, Deqin Chen, Chengsheng Sun
Natural Image Quality Assessment Based on Visual Cognitive Mechanism, Run Zhang,Yongbin Wang Junpeng Gong, Wen Ren, Pengzhou Zhang,
An Digital Signature Method Applied for Distributed Rending Submit System, Xie Weihua, Feng Shuang
Online Sponsored Search Auction Matching Problem with Advertiser Credibility, Xiaohui Li, Yang Zhou, Hongbin Dong, Jun He
Wetland Remote Sensing Classification Using Support Vector Machine Optimized with Co-Evolutionary Algorithm , Dong,Xiaodong Yu
Research on Endurance Evaluation for NAND Flash-based Solid State Drive, Yang Xiaoshan,Zhu Ligu,Zhang Qicong
A Good Data Allocation Strategy on Non-Uniform Memory Access Architecture, Xiaomei Guo, Haiyun Han
Audio Retrieval Based on Wavelet Transform, Deqin Chen, Wei Huang, Wenhui Zhang, Zhibo Zhang, Jia Ao
CTMC-based Numerical Analysis of Cluster System with Middle States in the Case of Common Mode Failure, Zhiguo Hong,Minyong Shi,Yongbin Wang
Double Hand-gesture Interaction for Walk-through in VR Environment , Fan Zhang, ShaoWei Chu
Contained Fluid Simulation Based on Game Engine, Wenfeng Hu, Zhe Wang
Opportunities and Challenges of TV Media in the Big Data Era, Chunjie Zhang,Wenqian Shang,Weiguo Lin,Yongan Li,Rui Tan
An Analysis of Consumers' Cognition and Reading Time Prediction in Digital Reading , Li Haiyan,Zhang Hui,Zhang FangHong,Guo Meijing
Study on Regional Differences of Cultural Consumption about Urban Residents in China, Zhang Hui,Yan BingQi,Li XinYan,Shen Qi
The Reply and Development Strategy of Cable TV Industry in the Era of Big Data, Junjie Huang,Wenqian Shang, Weiguo Lin
3D Model Dynamic Cutting Technology Based on Game Engine, Wenfeng Hu,Shuang Zhao
A Machinima System Based on Network Game, Wenfeng Hu, Yi Xie
Research review on key techniques of topic-based news elements extraction, Song Qing,Zhang Ying,Zhang Pengzhou
Outcome Prediction of Dota2 Based on Naive Bayes Classifier, Kaixiang Wang,Wenqian Shang
Game Special Effect Simulation Based on Particle System of Unity3D Wenfeng Hu, Bingqing Zhang
Pan-and-Tilt Self-Portrait System Using Gesture Interface, Shaowei Chu, Fan Zhang, Naye Ji,Zhefan Jin,Ruifang Pan
Express Supervision System Based on NodeJS and MongoDB, Li Liang,Ligu Zhu, Wenqian Shang,Dongyu Feng, Zida Xiao
The Prediction of Character Based on Recurrnet Neural Network Language Mode, Zejian Shi, Minyong Shi, Chunfang Li
The Application of Immune Clone Algorithm in Network Intrusion Detection, Xuekun Zhang,Jing An,Yongbin Wang,Wen Liu
Research Of Web Front-end Engineering Solution In Public Cultural Service Project, Ning Zhang, Yizhen Cao,Shengyan Zhang
Analysis on Serious Game Innovation on Mobile Devices, Wenfeng Hu, Yingzi Wang
Application of Deep Learning in Object Detection, Xinyi Zhou, Wei Gong, WenLong Fu, Fengtong Du
Naive Bayes Classifiers for Music Emotion Classification Based on Lyrics, Yunjing An, Shutao Sun, Shujuan Wang
MapReduce System Productivity Measurement Model and Measuring Approach , Dongyu Feng
The Research on Segmentation Methods of Soccer Videoes, Chenjing Feng, Peng Yu, Shuiyuan Yu, Shengyan Zhang
A Novel Retinex Based Enhancement Algorithm Considering Noise, Xinyan Yu,Xiaoyue Luo,Guohao Lyu,Siwei Luo
The optimization research on Map Marker Coverage, Mengke Cheng,Ligu Zhu,Wenqian Shang
Implementation of the Protein Sequence Model Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm, Aimerfu, Minyong Shi, Dong Wang,Hairihan
Design and Implementation of High Efficiency Acquisition Mechanism for Broadcast Audio Material, Jian Ding, Yongbin Wang, Shujuan Wang, Qi Wang
Research and Implementation of a New Intelligent Dimming System for Modern Theatre, Hui Ren, Zhang Liu, Shuwei Li
Analysis of Film Data Based on Neo4j, Huiling Lu,Zhiguo Hong,Minyong Shi
Radio and Television Operators Cloud Computing Infrastructure Research System, Chunjie Zhang,Wenqian Shang,Weiguo Lin,Yongan Li,Rui Tan
Finding Vulnerable Curves Finite of Characteristic 2 by Pairing Reduction, Yuhong Zhang,Meng Zhang,Maozhi Xu
Architecture Desing of Online Education System, Ren Sike,Lin Weiguo
v3D Architecture Facade Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network,Yan Zhang,Guangzheng Fei,Wenqian Shang
Radio and Television Operators Cloud Computing Infrastructure Research System, Yinan Yuwen,Jianxiang Cao,Weiguo Lin,Yongan Li,Rui Tan
Process Research on College Student’s Entrepreneurial Risk Awareness, Qinghan Kong,Guojia Su
Analysis and Studies on the Influence of Housing Estate Openness on Road Capacity, Yuping Li,Jinnuo Zhang
Research on the Present Situation and Problems of Listed Companies in Henan, Zheng Dan,Cheng Tian
Probability Property of Minimal Process, Xianhong Xu, Cheng Tian, Qinghan Kong
Online News Recommender Based on Stacked Auto-Encoder, Nan Yang, Sanxing Cao,Zhengzheng Liu