ICIS 2018 Accepted Papers


title authors
Alice in Computingland Khalid Al-Tahat and Faris Abu Hashish
The Implementation of Winnowing Algorithm for  Plagiarism Detection in Moodle-based E-learning Eric Ganiwijaya Hasan, Arya Wicaksana and Seng Hansun
A Multicriteria Analysis Approach for Benchmarking Open Innovation Practices of IT Organizations Srimannarayana Grandhi and Santoso Wibowo
A Multicriteria Group Decision Making Approach for Evaluating Renewable Power Generation Sources Santoso Wibowo and Srimannarayana Grandhi
Comparative Analysis of Discretization Algorithms on Decision Tree Rattayagon Thaiphan and Thimaporn Phetkaew
A Novel Differential Selection Method based on Singular Value Decomposition Entropy for Solving Real-World Problems Rashmi Bhel Gandhi and Udayan Ghose
Parametric Representation of Voiced Speech Phoneme using Multicomponent AM Signal Model Mohan Bansal and Pradip Sircar
Design and Evaluation of Tactile Number Reading Methods on Smartphones Fan Zhang, ShaoweiChu, Naye Ji, Ruifang Pan
The risks of ICT outsourcing: The Nigerian perspective Hilary Ekpenyong Antaih and Dr. Sundresan Perumal
Verifying CPS Self-Adaptability Ying Zhou, Xufang Gong, Jiakai Li and Bixin Li
A Framework for CPS Modeling and Verification Based on dL Xufang Gong, Ying Zhou, Bixin Li and Min Zhu
New Gene Selection Method Using Gene Expression Programing Approach on Microarray Data Sets Russul Alanni, Jingyu Hou, Hasseeb Azzawi and Yong Xiang
Applying Feedback Information for Random Partition Testing Arnaldo Marulitua Sinaga
SBC: A New Strategy for Multiclass Lung Cancer Classification Based on Tumour Structural Information and Microarray Data Hasseeb Azzaw
Incremental Singular Value Decomposition Using Extended Power Method Sharad Gupta and Sudip Sanyal
Traffic Adaptive Hybrid MAC with QoS Driven Energy Efficiency for WSNs Through Joint Dynamic Scheduling Mode  Jawad Haqbeen, Takayuki Ito, Mohammad Arifuzzaman and Takanobu Otsuka
Learning from the Kernel and the Range Space Kar-Ann Toh
Personalized Landmark Recommendation for Language-specific Users by Open Data Mining Siya Bao, Masao Yanagisawa and Nozomu Togawa
My Data: A Framework for Transfer of User Data Using NS2 Simulator Masood Abbasi
Solar Power and Elecricity Market in Saudi Arabia Fathe Jeribi and Sungchul Hong
Facial Expression Recognition Using Facial Landmarks and Random Forest Classifier Nuwan Munasinghe
Coverage Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks with Normal Distribution Anas Al-Roubaiey and Basheer Algohi
Joint Radio Resource Allocation in LTE-A Relay Networks with Carrier Aggregation Jichiang Tsai
Automatic extraction of structural model from semi structured software requirement specification  Shweta, Ratna Sanyal and Bibhas Ghoshal
Measuring the Correlation of Personal Identity Documents in Structured Format Sachithra Dangalla, Chanaka Lakmal, Chamin Wickramarathna and Chandu Herath
Using Big Data Technology to Analyze the Fluctuation Trends in Stock Price – As a Practice of Taiwan Financial Stock Market Shin-Jer Yang and Chia-Hua Chen
Research of Node Incentive Strategy in Selfish Opportunistic Network Yanfei Wu, Yanqin Zhu and Zhe Yang
Developing Smart Farm and Traceability System for Agricultural Products using IoT Technology Konlakorn Wongpatikaseree, Promprasit Kanka and Arunee Ratikan
Dynamic Face and Upper-Body Emotion Recognition for Service Robots Tharinda.M.W Vithanawasam and B.G.D. Achintha Madhusanka
Development of a GPU-Based Human Emotion Recognition Robot Eye for Service Robot by Using Convolutional Neural Network E. J. Givantha. S. Appuhamy and B.G.D. Achintha Madhusanka
Robotic vision inspection of complex joints for automatic welding Wenyu Chen, Wei Xiong, Jierong Cheng, Ying Gu and Yusha Li
Design of a VR-Based Upper Limb Gross Motor and Fine Motor Task Platform for Post-Stroke Survivors Kumar Saurav, Adyasha Dash, Dhaval Solanki and Uttama Lahiri
An Improved Golden Ball Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery Kanjana Ruttanateerawichien and Werasak Kurutach
Smart Self Position Aligning Chair for a Modern Conference Room Fahim Anzum, Fahim Ahmed, Shariful Azim, Mosaddek Hossain, Shifat Zaman and Farhan Hasib
Skin lesion segmentation using multiple density clustering algorithm MDCUTand region growing Louhichi Soumaya, Mariem Mariem Gzara and Hanene Ben-Abdallah
Design of Virtual Reality based Intelligent Story-telling Platform with Human Computer Interaction Pradeep Raj Krishnappa Babu, Sujata Sinha, Arvind Roshaan S, Dhaval Shashikantbhai Solanki and Uttama Lahiri
A Step Towards Design and Validation of Portable, Cost-effective Device for Gait Characterization Dhaval Solanki and Uttama Lahiri. 
TheArchitect: A Serverless-Microservices Based High-level Architecture Generation Tool Pravinda Perera and Indika Perera
Tomato Plant Diseases Classification Using Statistical Texture Feature and Color Feature Chit Su Hlaing and Sai Maung Maung Zaw
A Novel Approach for Biometric Based Remote User Authentication Scheme using Smart Card Nishant Doshi and Patel Chintan
A New Algorithm to Compute Single Source Shortest Path in a Real Edge Weighted Graph to Optimize Time Complexity Fahim Ahmed, Fahim Anzum, Muhammad Nazrul Islam, Moneruzzaman Rana, Wali Mohammad Abdullah and Sazid Al Ahsan
Autoencoder based Features Extraction for Automatic Classification of Earthquakes and Explosions Omar M.Saad, Koji Inoue, Ahmed Shalaby, Lotfy Samy and Mohammed S. Sayed
People Counting System with C-Deep Feature in Dense Crowd Views Htet Htet Lin and Kay Thi Win
Automated Inter-artefact Traceability Establishment for DevOps Practice  Iresha Rubasinghe, Dulani Meedeniya and Indika Perera
Proposing an Adaptive E-learning System Using Learners’ Knowledge in Simulating Medical Module Arwa Allinjawi, Yasmeen Alsaedy, Amjad Alsulami and Khulood Hussein
Automatic Lip Reading System Based on Lip Movements Recognition For Myanmar Consonants Thein Thein and Kalyar Myo San
Identifying Flood Prone Regions in Bangladesh by Clustering Mohammad Rashedur Rahman
Research on the Business Process Improvement and Reengineering of Multimedia Audio-visual in Colleges Chao Lin, Xuhui Chen and Ruizhe Ye
An Improved Primate Swarm Algorithm with Adaptive K-Mean for Optimization Problems Amarita Ritthipakdee
A Recognition Algorithm Of Thieves Based On The Traffic Big Data  Cai Ruxin, Li Fenlan, Bing Haotian and Peng Yingying
3D-HOG Features –Based Classification using MRI Images to Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Devvi Sarwinda and Alhadi Bustamam
Automatic Evaluation of Programming Assignments using Information Retrieval Techniques Afzalur Rahaman and Latiful Hoque
Quality Inspection of Size, Shape and Arrangement of  Sweet Corn Seeds by Image Processing Monlica Wattana, Thichakorn Phonarin and Ubon Ketnork
Adapted Generative Initialisation in Transfer Learning  Wenjun Bai, Changqin Quan and Zhi-Wei Luo
Efficient Feature Points for Myanmar Traffic Sign Recognition Kaythinzar Phu
Big Data Equi-join Optimization Algorithms in Spark SQL Sihui Li and Wei Xu
Analysis of soil properties and climatic data of Bangladesh to predict crop yields by applying data mining techniques Mohammad Rashedur Rahman
C-SCORE: AN ALTERNATIVE BANKING METHODOLOGY Naveen Nanda, Nivedita Suresh Kumar Nair, Sruthi Kannan and Ramasubramanian Rajkumar
Refined Fluent Builder in Java Mikhail Chalabine
Skeleton-based gait index estimation with LSTMs Trong-Nguyen Nguyen, Huu Hung Huynh and Jean Meunier
Real-Time Tracing Of A Weld Line Using Artificial Neural Networks Srinath Hanumantha Rao, Kalaichelvi Venkatesan and Ram Karthikeyan
Classification Based on Spectral Characterization and Analysis of Land Cover Change in Dhaka Mohammad Rashedur Rahman
Convolutional Neural Network Models for Deep Face Recognition on Limitation and Interfering Factors in Image Dataset Manop Phankokkruad
Comparative Study of Prediction Models for Final GPA Score: A Case Study of Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University Kanokwan Atchariyachanvanich, Narongsak Putpuek, Natcha Rojanaprasert and Thananya Thamrongthanyawong
Development of an Automatic Answering System to Arithmetic Questions Khin Cho Win and Naw Lay Wah
A Learning-Based Bug Predicition Method for Object-Oriented Systems Fikret Aktas and Feza Buzluca
Level-wise Segment Parser for Semantic Role Labelling for Myanmar Text Zinmar Kyu and Naw Lay Wah
Enhanced ant colony optimization with local search Yindee Oonsrikaw and Arit Thammano
An Analysis of Myanmar Inflectional Morphology Using Finite-state Method Tin Latt and Aye Thida
Power Consumption Aware Machine Learning Attack for Feed-Forward Arbiter PUF Yusuke Nozaki and Masaya Yoshikawa
Emotion Recognition in Elderly Based on SpO2 and Pulse Rate Signals Using Support Vector Machine Lutfi Hakim, Evi Septiana Pane, Adhi Dharma Wibawa and Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
A Triggered Delay-based Approach against Cache Privacy Attack in NDN Naveen Kumar and Shashank Srivastava
Traditional Clothing Categorization Using Convolutional Neural Network  Mohammad Rashedur Rahman
Color Image Enhancment with Preservation of Gamut Range Myint Myint Maw and Re Nu
Fake Accounts Detection on Twitter Using Blacklist Myo Myo Swe and Nyein Nyein Myo
Bridging the Communication Gap: With Real Time  Sign Language Translation Pavleen Kaur, Payel Ganguly, Saumya Verma and Neha Bansal
Character Extraction and Recognition For Myanmar Script Signboard Images using Block based Pixel Count and Chain Codes Kyi Pyar Zaw
A Trust Model for Lightweight Semantic Annotation of Sensor Data in Pervasive Environment Karthik N and Ananthanarayana V S
A Review of Text Classification techniques Kavya Gupta, Neha Bansal and Arun Sharma
Applying the differential evolution algorithm with the fuzzy selection mechanism for the flexible job shop scheduling problem   Ajchara Phu-Ang
Image-based Attention Level Estimation of Interaction Scene by Head Pose and Gaze Information Rinko Komiya, Takeshi Saitoh and Kazutaka Shimada
Identify Key Factors for Career Choice by Using TOPSIS and Fuzzy Cognitive Map Yu-Tso Chen, Wen-Chun Peng and Hsin-Yu Yu
An Improved Prorank algorithm for detection of overlapping protein complexes using Protein Interaction and Gene Expression Datasets in Yeast Pandurangan Manikandan and Duraisamy Ramyachitra
Income Based Food List Recommendation for Rural People Using Fuzzy Logic Mohammad Rashedur Rahman
Feasability of Dictionary-Based Sparse Coding for Data Compression in Machine Condition-Based Monitoring  Nicholas Sadjoli and Wang Ling Goh and K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithms Neuro-fuzzy Inference Systems
Feature-less Stitching of Cylindrical Tunnel Ramanpreet Singh Pahwa, Wei Kiat Leong, Shaohui Foong, Karianto Leman and Minh Do
A Study on Development of Autonomous Vehicle for Urban Road Navigation Vincensius Billy Saputra, Syed Zeeshan Ahmed
Visual Servoing in a Prioritized Constraint-based Torque Control Framework Caixia Cai and Nikhil Somani
A hybrid Document Representation Technique Framework for Web-Page Classification Ayodeji Osayin, Olufunke Oladipupo and Ibukun Afolabi
Preference Based Recommendation  System for Apparel E-Commerce Sites  Gayumie Nimesha Kottage, Dineth Keshawa Jayathilake, Kapuliyanage Chashika Chankuma, Gamage Upeksha Ganegoda and Thanuja Sandanayake
On the Tensions of the Connotation of Sponge City in China Xiaoli Wang, Jiyong Ding and Zhuofu Wang
Human Identification System Based on Statistical Gait Features Khaing Zarchihtun and Sai Maung Zaw
A Novel Approach to Define and Manage Security Indicators for the Fulfillment of Agreed Assurance Levels in Clouds  Faraz Fatemi Moghaddam, Philipp Wieder, Ramin Yahyapoor and Tayyebe Emadinia
Adaptive Filtering for Noise Cancellation in Gamelan Signal Mamba'Us Sa'Adah, Diah Puspito Wulandari and Yoyon K. Suprapto
Distributed Joins within Continuous SPARQL Query over Large Distributed Static and Dynamic RDF Graphs Amadou Fall Dia, Zakia Kazi Aoul and Aliou Boly
Advertising Email Management Using Multi-Level Reputation System Akkarach Kawbunjun, Ubon Thongsatapornwatana and Woraphon Lilakiatsakun
Optimization of Least Significant Bit Steganography Using Genetic Algorithm to Improve Data Security Alse Ibanez, Esmeralda Djamal and Ridwan Ilyas
Stacked Microstrip Array Antenna with Fractal Patches for Satellite Applications Taimur Khan, Muhammad Khattak, Abdul Baseer Qazi, Nasir Saleem and Xuhui Chen
Distance-based Clustering of Moving Objects' Trajectories from Spatiotemporal Big Data Khaing Phyo Wai and Than Nwe Aung
The Robotic Fish Strategy Based on The Extreme Learning Machine Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Xuexi Zhang Zhang, Shuibiao Chen and Shuting Cai
Floor Heating Customer Prediction Model Based on Random Forest Zhihuan Yao, Xian Xu and Huiqun Yu
Segmentation of Heterogeneous Documents into Homogeneous Components using Morphological Operations Nasid Habib Barna, Tisa Islam Erana, Shabbir Ahmed and Hasnain Heickal
Segmentation of Heterogeneous Documents into Homogeneous Components using Morphological Operations
Hybrid Intrusion Detection System using K-means and K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithms Yi Yi Aung, Myat Myat Min
PPNDN: Popularity-based Caching for Privacy Preserving in Named Data Networking Ji-Yeon Yang and Hyoung-Kee Choi
Facial Expression Recognition Using an Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System Isidoros Perikos and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
Research on undergraduate academic prediction model based on deep learning Sun Yanchao, Qian Xu, Jia Minzheng and Bai Jing
An Improved Deep Belief Network Prediction Method Sun Yanchao, Qian Xu, Jia Minzheng and Bai Jing
Improved Matching Algorithm Design Based on Dynamic Network Intrus Zhenhua Xu
Application of Ant Colony Algorithm in Finding Shortest Paths in Mobile Games Xuekun Jiang, Minyong Shi
Application of Data Warehouse and OLAP Technology in Students' Teaching Evaluation Tong Wang
Analysis of Ultra HD Technology Development According to Human Visual System
Matrix Operation and Its Application in Computer Engineering Fang Dong, Yinmei Lv
An Analysis Method of the Business Circumstance and Stock Price of Listed Company with Xie Weihua, Su Qin
Design of Audio System for the 4K-UHD Studio of Communication University of China Jiefeng Liu, Xiaolong Ben,Jia Yu
Recording and Storage of 4K Live Program Wang Bo, Zhang Xin, Wei Shiyao
Chinese Listeners’ Preferences of Pop Music in Europe and America and the Influencing Factors. Shen Qi, Zhang Hui, Cai Juanjuan
Analysis of the Art of War of Sun Tzu by Text Mining Technology Wang Huiqin, Lin Weiguo
Research and Implementation of Big Data System of Social Media Wen Lu, Ligu Zhu, Shufeng Duan
Research and Improvement of Convolutional Neural Network Ningning Yi, Chunfang Li, Xin Feng, Minyong Shi
Towards Optimization Approaches in Smart Grid: A Review Sabeeh Ahmad Malik, Sadiq Ahmad, Muhammad Adil, Taimoor Muzaffar, Rizwan Qureshi
Concurrent Software Testing Method Based on CSP and PAT Yizhen Cao, Yongbin Wang
New Words Discovery Method Based On Word Segmentation Result Heyang Liu, Pengdong Gao, Yi Xiao
An Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and its Application Sili Gao, Yujun Wen
Research on undergraduate academic prediction model based on deep learning Sun Yanchao, Qian Xu, Jia Minzheng, Bai Jing
K-means Text Dynamic Clustering Algorithm Based on KL Divergence Zhu Huan, Zhang Pengzhou, Gao Zeyang
Microblog Label Recommendation Based on Matrix Decomposition Model GaoZeyang,WenYujun,ZhuHuan
Fundamental Frequency Extraction and Tone Recognition of Chinese Continuous Two-character-words Yaping Yang, Yaoyao Zhang
Broadcast monitoring Algorithm Based on Frequency Spectral Analysis Zhuangyan Zhao, Yahui Hou, Shutao Sun
Analysis of Hot News Based on Big Data Chengcheng Hu, Ying Li, Yongbin Wang, Lin Wu
A Scheme of High Available System for Alarm Image Transfer Zhenrui Yang, Ligu Zhu, Dongyu Feng, Zida Xiao
A Review of Relation Extraction Based on Deep Learning Song Qing, Liu Xue, Zhang Pengzhou
Cn-MAKG: China Meteorology and Agriculture Knowledge Graph Construction Based on Semi-structured Data Qi Chenglin, Song Qin, Zhang Pengzhou
Research and Optimization of Massive Music Data Access Based on HDFS Tong Ouyang, Yizhen Cao
Application of AES and RSA Hybrid Algorithm in E-mail and Its Simulation Implementation Ye Liu, Wei Gong
Design and Implementation of Shooting Notice of Film and Television Projects Based On Play Script Xingting Wang, Minyong Shi, Chunfang Li
Character Relationship Management of Play Script System Based On SaaS Yangchen Wang, Chunfang Li, Mingyong Shi
An Evaluation Algorithm for the Complexity of Distributed 3D Rendering Jiyu Mao, Shuang Feng
Research on Feature Dimensionality Reduction in Content Based Public Cultural Video Retrieval Yumeng Liu, Aina Sui
Analysis of Character Relationship in TV Serise Based on Complex Network Lingfei Zhang, Chunfang Li, Luyu Fan, Minyong Shi
A Multi-label Image Classification Algorithm Based on Attention Model Yugang Li, Yongbin Wang, Luyu Zhang
A Positive Real Order Strengthening Buffer Operator and Its Application in Data Prediction Yingjian Qi, Zhengpeng Wu, Liyun Wu
An Improved Distributed File System Based on GPU Acceleration Songtao Shang, Yong Gan
Trademark Image Retrieval System Based on Sift  algorithm Zhengkang Chen, Xiaohong Wang
The Research of Several Situation about Memory Accessing on Non-Uniform Memory Access Architecture Xiaomei Guo, Haiyun Han
Research on LDA Model Algorithm of News-oriented Web Crawler Yuxing Wang, Zhiguo Hong, Minyong Shi
OPNET-based Performance Analysis of Encrypted Communication Application Yanli Wu, Zhiguo Hong, Minyong Shi
DTMC-Based Performance Evaluation of Mobile-phone User’s Application Node Danyu Wang, Zhiguo Hong, Minyong Shi,Yongbin Wang
Image Classification Based on SIFT and SVM Li Qilong, Wang Xiaohong
Construction on Framework of Rumor Detection and Warning System Based on Web Mining Technology Haiyun Han, Xiaomei Guo
Propagation Path Loss Prediction Based-on Grey Verhulst Model  Liyun Wu, Xiaomei Liu,Yingjian Qi , Zhengpeng Wu
Chemistry Experiment Simulation based On Game Engine Wenfeng Hu,Shuhui Si, Yingzi Wang
Electromagnetism Experiment Simulation Based on Game Engine Wenfeng Hu, Junjie Jiang, Li Shi
Cluster Analysis of the Rural Income in Luoyang  Jinnuo Zhang, Yuping Li
Pricing Models for Crowdsourcing Tasks Based on Geographic Information Yuxin Niu, Yingtao Zhang, Mingyang Song
New Model for the Multiple Vehicle Path Planning Problem and GA-based Solutions Yuxin Niu
Models of Field Strength Calculation Cheng Tian
Comprehensive Evaluation Research on Farmer Entrepreneurship Based on Poverty Xianhong Xu
Flight safety analysis with multi-information's dynamic perception and synthesis Huang Hui, Xiang Yang, Ma Cunbo,Chen Jie
The Experimental Implementation of GrabCut for Hardcode Subtitle Extraction Dong Wang, Aimoerfu
Improved Stacking Model Fusion Based on Weak Classifier and W Jun Liu, Wenqian Shang
An Improved Deep Belief Network Prediction Method Sun Yanchao, Qian Xu, Jia Minzheng, Bai Jing
Design and Evaluation of Tactile Number Reading Method on Smartphone Fan Zhang, Shaowei Chu, Naye Ji, Ruifang Pan
The Design and Implementation of Script Authoring Assistant System of Film and Television Big Data Mengyu Liu, Wenqian Shang, Jianxiang Cao, Chan Pan
A Fast and Simple Model in Practice for Ranking Weijian Fan, Wen Liu, Jing An, Yongbin Wang
A Review of Human Action Recognition in Video Yongbin Wang, Nenghuan Zhang, Peng Yu
 Fully-Convolutional Siamese Networks for Football Player Tracking Yuejie Ma, Shuang Feng, Yongbin Wang 
Speech Recognition of Confusable Word Based on Ideal Distance Matrix  Qiang Gao, Shutao Sun
Research on Keyword Exaction of Word2vec Model in Chinese corpus Zhang Chenchen, Wang Xingjuan, Yu Shuiyuan, Wang Yongbin
A Greedy and Genetic Algorithm for Solving Timetabling Problem Kaixiang Wang, Wenqian Shang, Mengyu Liu, Hao Fu
Image Segmentation Algorithms Based on Convolutional Neural Networks Zeheng Zhou, Hongru Wang,Wenqian Shang, Lingfei Zhang
Constructing an Intrusion Detection Model based on Long Short-term Neural Networks Songge Xiao, Jing An, Wenqing Fan, Huaibao Xiao
Assessing the Importance of Nodes in the Social Network Based on Clustering Coefficient Luyu Fan, Chunfang Li, Lingfei Zhang, Minyong Shi
Research on song sentiment binary classification based on chinese lyrics Xin Wu, Yizhen Cao
Temporal Convolutional Neural Network for Gesture Recognition Dongwei Lu, Chu Qiu, Yi Xiao
Film and TV Actors Recommendation Based on SALSA Algorithm Xingyan Liu, Chunfang Li, Aimoerfu
Tracing the Source of News Based on Blockchain Wenqian Shang, Mengyu Liu, Minzheng Jia
3D Model Dynamic Perforation Simulation Based on Game Engine Wenfeng Hu, Taobo Gao, Yue Li
“Game Based Optical Experiment Simulation Wenfeng Hu, Jiangchun Guo, Xiaolin Li
Large-Scale Realistic Cloud Rendering Based On Game Engine Wenfeng Hu, Yijun Luo, Bingqing Zhang
Quality Assessment of Open Source Software: A Review Chunning Wang, Joseph Tassone, Shaochun Xu, Jiao Chen
Using CNN-based Representation Learning Method for Malicious Traffic Idendification Yao Wang, Jing An, Wei Huang, Wenqing Fan
Reverse-Learning Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Niching Technology Hongbin Dong, Hua Zhang, Shuang Han, Xiaohui Li, Xiaowei Wang
CCConvMF:Consistency and Complementarity-based Convolutional Matrix Facorization Zhicheng Wu, Huafeng Liu, Yanyan Xu, Liping Jing
Link Prediction in Social Networks Using the Extraction of Graph Topological Properties Hamid Parvin, Musa Mojarad
Audio segmentation and classification approach based on Adaptive CNN in broadcast domain Sun Jingzhou, Wang Yongbin
Research on Decision Model of Soccer Robot System Zhong-qiu Zhang, Na-na Zhang, Hui Yu
Research and Design of University Students Accurate Funding System Hui Yu, Xia Li
Design of Polymorphic Real-Time Computational Model for UAV Application Mei Luo, Linlin Li, Baocheng Wang, Kailong Zhang
The Application of Data Mining Technology in Employment Analysis of University Hui Yu, Zhong-qiu Zhang
Research of the Infrared Ship Target Recognition Technology based on the Complex Xie Baorong, Zhang Yu, Feng Shuyi, Li Xian, Deng Songfeng
Play games using Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Neural Networks with Experience Replay Meng Xu, Haobin Shi, Yao Wang, Jichao Li
Research on Satellite Navigation Signal Analysis and Accelerate Optimization Algorithm Lirong Ai, Jun Yang, Beibei Yang, Weicong Sun, Xue Wang
RCoherence based Dual Microphone Source Separation in Low SNR Noisy Environments Xuhui.Chen, Nasir Saleem, Muhammad Irfan
Deep Neural Network based Supervised Speech Enhancement in Speech-Babble Noise Nasir Saleem, Muhammad Irfan, Xuhui Chen
Stacked Microstrip Array Antenna with Fractal Patches for Satellite Applications T. A. Khan,  M. I. Khattak, A. B. Qazi N. Saleem, Xuhui Chen
Application and Exploration of Business Process Improvement and Reengineering on Multimedia Audio-visual in Colleges Chao Lin, Xuhui Chen, Ruizhe Ye