Accepted Papers



# Title Authors
3 Automatic 3D Face Preprocessing Soumaya Zribi, Taher Khadhraoui, Faouzi Benzarti and Hamid Amiri
4 Multi-Threaded Message Dispatcher Framework for Mission Critical Applications Marcel - Titus Marginean and Chao Lu
5  Cloud Software Development Platforms: A Comparative Overview Kyle Schutt and Osman Balci
7 A Case Study in Object-oriented Patterns Identified During Manual Refactoring Brian Dillon
8 Evaluating Software Architecture Evolution Based on Maintainability and Reliability Metric
Bixin Li, Li Liao and Jingwen Si
9 Trust Analysis of Composite Service Evolution
Nejla Rouissi, Hamza Gharsellaoui and Sadok BouamamaLi Liao, Shanshan Qi and Bixin Li.
10 Human Motion Analysis and Classification Using Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures Amirshahram Hematian, Yinan Yang, Chao Lu and Sepideh Yazdani.
11 COPE-MDN: Cooperative Power and Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol with Minimal Dead Nodes for Wireless Sensor Networks Submission: Saima Jamil, Saqib Jamil and Amjadullah Khattak
12 An Experimental Exploration of the Impact of Multi-Level Packet Loss on Network Intrusion Detection Sidney Smith, Kin Wong, Robert Hammell and Carlos Mateo.
13 Performance Evaluation of NETCONF Protocol in MANET Using Emulation Ming ZhangWeichao Gao, James Nguyen, Daniel Ku, Hanlin Zhang and Wei Yu
14 A Fuzzy Logic Utility Framework (FLUF) to Support Information Assurance Allison Newcomb and Robert Hammell.
15 A Streaming-Based Network Monitoring and Threat Detection System Zhijiang Chen, Hanlin Zhang, William Hatcher, James Nguyen and Wei Yu
16 A Framework for Requirements Knowledge Acquisition Using UML and Conceptual Graphs Bingyang Wei and Harry Delugach
18 Intelligent Decision Framework To Monitor And Control Infection Of Hepatitis C Virus Mohamed M.Reda Ali and Ayman Khedr
19 A Survey of Western Australian Software Businesses
Arunasalam Sambhanthan and Vidyasagar Potdar
21 A Hybrid Anti-Jamming Based Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks Nejla Rouissi, Hamza Gharsellaoui and Sadok Bouamama
22 Identification Method of Fault Level Based on Deep Learning for Open Source Software Yoshinobu Tamura, Satoshi Ashida, Mitsuho Matsumoto and Shigeru Yamada
22 Identification Method of Fault Level Based on Deep Learning for Open Source Software Yoshinobu Tamura, Satoshi Ashida, Mitsuho Matsumoto and Shigeru Yamada
24 Reliability Modeling and Verification of Bpel-based Web Services Composition by Probabilistic model Checking Chengyang Mi, Huaikou Miao, Jinyu Kai and Honghao Gao
27 A Method for Extracting Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis based on Morphological Sentence Patterns Youngsub Han, Yanggon Kim, Ikhyeon Jang
29 Building Thesaurus Lexicon using Dictionary-Based Approach for Sentiment Classification Seongik Park and Yanggon Kim
30 Efficient Genetic K-Means Clustering for Health Care Knowledge Discovery Ahmed Alsayat and Hoda El-Sayed
32 Data mining of Genomic Data Generated from Soybean treated with different phytohormones Mona Tavakolan and Nadim Alkharouf
33 Critical Success Factors behind the Sustainability of the Sharing Economy Raza Hasan and Mehdi Birgach
34 Social Media Analysis using Optimized K-Means Clustering Ahmed Alsayat and Hoda El-Sayed
35 A Reseach for Finding Relationship between Mass Media and Social Media based on Agenda Setting Theory Jinhyuck Choi, Youngsub Han and Yanggon Kim
37 On the Prevalence of Function side effects in General Purpose Open Source Software Systems Saleh Alnaeli, Amanda Alitaha and Tyler Timm
39 Business Sustainability Conceptualization Arunasalam Sambhanthan, Vidyasagar Potdar and Elizabeth Chang
40 Port Based Software Architecture and Its Analysis Hongyun Huang and Zuohua Ding
41 The Mechanism of Extendable GUI API Generator for Android Kuei-Chun Liu, Yu-Yu Lai, Ching-Hong Wu and Hsiao-Han Huang
42 JAVA-based approach for high level OpenMP for loops synthesis Emna Kallel
43 Planning Enterprise Architecture: Creating Organizational Knowledge Using the Theory of Structuration to Build Information Technology Dominic M Mezzanotte Sr D Sc
44 Object Oriented Method to Implement the Hierarchical and Concurrent States in UML State chart Diagrams Sunitha E V and Philip Samuel
45 Comparison of the Performance of Drools and Jena Rule-Based Systems for Event Processing on the Semantic Web Andrew Fobel and Nary Subramanian
47 Business Sustinability Frameworks - A Survey Arunasalam Sambhanthan and Vidyasagar Potdar
48 Waste Management Strategies for Software Development Companies - An explorative text analysis of business sustinability reports Arunasalam Sambhanthan and Vidyasagar Potdar
49 Business Sustinability Building Blocks - Case examples from Software Industry Arunasalam Sambhanthan, Vidyasagar Potdar and Elizabeth Chang
50 Efficient Manageability and Intelligent Classification of Web Browsing History Using Machine Learning Suraj G, Sumanth Udupa
51 Machine Learning-Based Mobile Threat Monitoring and Detection lliam G. Hatcher, David Maloney and Wei Yu.
53 Post and Pre Natal Tracking in Rural Areas using Cloud Computing and ICT Sridhar Amirneni, Siddhitha Sundar, Surya Ravindran
55 EMA2AOP: From the AADL Error Model Annex to Aspect Language Towards Fault Tolerant Systems Wafa Gabsi, Bechir Zalila
57 Towards Understanding and Exploiting Developers' Emotional Variations in Software Engineering Md Rakibul Islam, Minhaz F. Zibran
58 On the Gamification of Human-Centric Traceability Tasks in Software Testing and Coding Reza Meimandi Parizi
63 Variability modeling with a SPL-UML profile Jihen Maazoun, Nadia Bouassida, Hanene Ben-Abdallah
64 Organizational and Project Process Definition: A Lightweight Framework, Supporting Tool, and Industry Experience Xiaofeng Cui
67 Model-Driven Development of Simulation-Based System Design Tools dominic M Mezzanotte Sr D Sc
68 Evaluation and Improvements for Agile Planning Tools Sultan Alyahya, Manal Alqahtani, Mohammed Maddeh
69 Detecting hidden structures from Arabic electronic documents: Application to the legal field Imen Bouaziz Mezghanni, Faiez Gargouri
70 Execution and Code Reuse between Test Classes Lucas P. Silva, Patrícia Vilain
71 Narratives and Sensor Driven Cognitive Behavior Training Game Platform Kyungeun Park, Taesuk Kihl, Seungie Park, Min-Jae Kim, Juno Chang
73 Survey of works that transform requirements into UML diagrams Mariem Abdouli, Wahiba Ben Abdessalem Karâa, Henda Ben Ghezala
74 Stakeholder’s Expected Value of Enterprise Architecture, An Enterprise Architecture Solution based on Stakeholder Perspective Ira Puspitasari
41 Efficient Memory Utilization on Hadoop MapReduce using Data Reduction Ahmed Abdulhakim Al-Absi, Dae-Ki Kang
105 Software Architectures: Multi-Scale Refinement Ilhem KHLIF, Mohamed HADJ KACEM, Patricia STOLF and Ahmed HADJ KACEM