Accepted Papers

# Title Authors
3 The Analysis and Prediction of Customer Review Rating Using Opinion Mining Wararat Songpan
4 An Automated Code Smell and Anti-Pattern Detection Approach Sevilay Velioglu, Yunus Emre Selcuk
5 Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Using Morphological Sentence Pattern Model Youngsub Han, Kwangmi Kim
6 Load Experiment of the vDACS Scheme Kazuya Odagiri
8 Intelligent Routing Algorithm For Mobile IPTV Babangida Albaba Abubakar, Miltos Petridis, Deshinder Singh Gill
10 On Blockchain-Based Anonymized Dataset Distribution Platform Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Mohammad Shahriar Rahman, Anirban Basu
11 Software Performance Prediction at Source Level Erh-Wen Hu, Bogong Su, Jian Wang
12 A Smart Health Service Model For Elders Based On ECA-S Rules Shujie Hu, Mengxing Huang
13 A Reliability Evaluation Model of Distributed Autonomous Robotic System Architectures Xin He, Changbin Xue, Qing Zhou, Kexin Lin
14 A Framework of Software Reusing Engineering Management Xin Tao, Yang Liu
16 Queuing and simulation of check-in counter resource optimisation at the airport Nanglaik Ma
17 Faculty allocation and timetabling using optimisation Nanglaik Ma
18 Blind Channel Estimation using Novel Independent Component Analysis with Pulse Shaping for Interference Cancellation Renuka Bhandari, Sangeeta Jadhav
19 A Confidentiality Preserving Publicly Verifiable Computation for Multivariate Polynomials Sun Jiameng, Zhu Binrui, Qin Jing, Ma Jixin
20 A Communication Gateway Architecture for Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality in Incident Reporting Christos Chatzigeorgiou, Lazaros Toumanidis, Dimitris Kogias, Charalampos Patrikakis, Eric Jacksch
21 Modern Predictive Models for Modeling the College Graduation Rates Emma Gunu, Wilson Gyasi, Carl Lee, Robert Roe
22 Anticipated Test Design and its Application to Evaluate and Select Embedded Libraries Clauirton Siebra
23 Coordination Support for Integrating User Centered Design in Distributed Agile Projects Ohoud Almughram, Sultan Alyahya
24 Improving Web Application Reliability and Testing Using Accurate Usage Models Gity Karam, Jeff Tian
25 Manifold Ranking Weighted Local Maximal Occurrence Descriptor for Person Re-identification Foqin Wang, Xuehan Zhang, Jixin Ma, Jin Tang, Aihua Zheng
26 C-PLAD-SM Extending Component Requirements with Use Cases and State Machines Kevin Gary, M. Brian Blak
27 Enterprise Map Construction based on EOLN model Qiwen Zhang, Yunchuan Sun, Rongfang Bie
28 Salient Object based Action Recognition using Histogram of Changing Edge Orientiation (HCEO) Hnin Mya Aye, Sai Maung Maung Zaw
29 A Structural Rule-Based Approach for Design Patterns Recovery Mohammed Al-Obeidallah, Miltos Petridis, Stelios Kapetanakis
30 An Analysis Of The Health Care Platform In The Cloud Environment Honglei Li, Qi Chen, Xiaoyi Zhou
31 DRSS: Distributed RDF SPARQL Streaming Amadou Fall Di, Zakia Kazi-Aoul, Aliou Boly, Elisabeth Metais
32 Generation of Reducts and Threshold Functions Using Discernibility and Indiscernibility Matrices Naohiro Ishii, Ippei Torii, Kazunori Iwata, Kazuya Odagiri, Toyoshiro Nakashima
33 A Server Selection Strategy about Cloud Workflow Based on QoS Constraint Futian Wang, Ke Fang, Jin Tang, Cheng Zhang
34 A Bisectional Multivariate Quadratic Equation System for RFID Anti-Counterfeiting Xiaoyi Zhou, Jixin Ma, Xiaoming Yao, Honglei Li
35 Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Based on a Deep Convolutional-Neural-Network Structure Ke Shan, Junqi Guo, Wenwan You, Di Lu, Rongfang Bie
36 An efficient approach for real-time processing of RDSZ-based compressed RDF streams Ndeye Bousso Deme, Amadou Fall Dia, Aliou Boly, Zakia Kazi-Aoul, Raja Chiky
38 Remote sensing of damage bridge structure of free vibration by using finite element method based on jerk-energy Mohamed Bouyahi
39 Finite Element Method based Jerk-Energy for damage localization of dynamic response Mohamed Bouyahi
40 Policy Enforcement upon Software Based on Microservice Architecture Tugrul Asik, Yunus Emre Selcuk
41 Feature Based Disparity Estimation Using Hill-Climbing Algorithm Tin Tin San, Dr. Nu Wa
42 An encrypted medical image retrieval algorithm based on DWT-DCT frequency domain Chunyan Zhang, Jingbing Li, Shuangshuang Wang, Zhaohui Wang
43 A Robust Algorithm of Encrypted Medical Volume Data Retrieval Based on 3D DWT and 3D DFT Shuangshuang Wang, Jingbing Li, Chunyan Zhang, Zhaohui Wang
44 Reusable Components For Adding Multi-Tenancy to Legacy Applications Uwe Hohenstein
45 An improved information hiding algorithm based on image Ziqian Yuan, Zijie Guan
46 Visualisation of Online Datasets Christopher Downie, Taoxin Peng
47 Effects of FSM Minimization Techniques on Number of Test Paths in Mobile Applications MBT Maiada Mahmoud, Yasser Mostafa, Haitham Hamza
49 A new graph ranking model for image saliency detection problem Yuanyuan Guan, Bo Jiang, Yun Xiao
51 CloudSim4DWf: A CloudSim-Extension for Simulating Dynamic Workflows in a Cloud environment Fairouz Fakhfakh, Hatem Hadj Kacem, Ahmed Hadj Kacem
52 dentifying and Localizing the Inter-Consistency Errors Among UML Use Cases and Activity Diagrams: An Approach Based on Functional and Structural Size Measurements Hela Hakim
53 Agile Web Development Methodologies: A Survey and Evaluation Nasrin Ghasempour Maleki
54 Energy Efficiency Cluster Head Election using Fuzzy Logic Method for Wireless Sensor Networks Wided Abidi
55 Enabling GSD Task Allocation via Cloud-based Software Processes} Sami Alajrami, Barbara Gallina, Alexander Romanovsky
56 Efficient composite event detection based on DHT protocol Amina Chaabane, Salma Bradai, Wassef Louati, Mohamed Jmaiel
57 On the Use of Visual Clustering to Identify Landmarks in Code Navigation Sandeep Reddivari, Mahesh Kotapalli
58 Curricular Change Management with Git and Drupal Abhishek Tirkey, Kevin Gary
60 Model Driven Development of Mobile Applications Using Drools Knowledge-based Rule Ei Ei Thu, Nwe New
61 Application of Support Vector Machine with Simulated Annealing Algorithm in MBR Membrane Pollution Prediction Chunqing Li, Yingxin Tao
63 Detection and Mitigation Of Wireless Link Layer Attacks May Aye Chan Aung, Khin Phyo Thant
64 LogSumExp for Unlabeled Data Processing Taocheng Hu, Jinhui Yu
65 An empirical investigation of the software integration success factors in GSD environment Muhammad Ilyas, Siffat Ullah Khan
66 The Impacts of Consumer’s Health Topic Familiarity in Seeking Health Information Online Ira Puspitasar
67 Gabor-Features based Local Generic Representation for Face Recognition with Single Sample per Person Taher Khadhraoui
68 Image Mosaicking for Oversized Documents with a Multi-Camera Rig Zhen Wang, Weidong Geng
SS1-01 Research on the Construction of Semantic Dictionary in the Football Field Jiguang Wu, Ying Li
SS1-02 Data Analysis with Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm: a Study in Smart Traffic Signal System Pengzhe Zhou, Zhiyi Fang, Hongliang Dong, Jiayue Liu, Shuaining Pan
SS1-03 Data Structure and Triangulation Algorithm for Non-Uniform Landscapes Yasunori Shiono, Takaaki Goto, Kensei Tsuchida
SS1-04 Predicting Gross Domestic Product Using Autoregressive Models John Roush, Keith Siopes, Gongzhu Hu
SS1-05 Study and Realization of a CRM System in Fuxin Bank Qingxing Guo, Zhendong Xie, Xi Ning
SS1-06 Specifying Architecture of Knowledge Graph with Data Graph, Information Graph, Knowledge Graph and Wisdom Graph Yucong Duan, Lixu Shao, Gongzhu Hu, Zhangbing Zhou, Quan Zou, Zhaoxin Lin
SS1-07 A stochastic revelation on the deterministic morphological change of 3x+1 Yucong Duan
SS1-08 Bidirectional Value Driven Design between Economical Planning and Technical Implementation Based on Data Graph, Information Graph and Knowledge Graph Lixu Shao, Yucong Duan, Xiaoing Sun, Quan Zou, Rongqi Jing, Jiami Lin
SS1-09 Research on Service Recommendation Reliability in mobile computing Weng Wen, Huaikou Miao
SS1-10 On the Estimation of Time Series Data of Daily Life Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya
SS1-11 Analysis of Perception of People to School Mottos Rieko Fujita, Tokuro Matsuo, Teruhisa Hochin
SS1-12 Analysis of Road Traffic Fatal Accidents Using Data Mining Techniques Liling Li, Sharad Shrestha, Gongzhu Hu