SNPD 2015 Accepted Papers

MPDBS: A Multi-level Parallel Database System Based on B-Tree, Lei Yu, Ge Fu, Yan Jin, Xiaojia Xiang, Huaiyuan Tan, Hong Zhang, Xinran Liu, Xiaobo Zhu

Web Application Security Vulnerabilities Detection Approaches: a Systematic Mapping Study, Sajjad Rafique, Mamoona Humayun, Bushra Hamid, Ansar Abbas, Muhammad Akhtar, Kamil Iqbal

On solving the container problem in a hypercube with bit constraint, Antoine Bossard, Keiichi Kaneko

Algorithms for Removing Node Overlaps with Some Basis Nodes, Noboru Abe, Hiroaki Oh, Kouhei Inoue

Data Layout Transformation For Structure Vectorization On SIMD Architectures, Peng-Yuan Li, Qing-Hua Zhang, Rong-Cai Zhao, Hai-Ning Yu

An Evaluation of Writeprint Matching Method to Identify the Authors of Thai Online Messages, Rangsipan Marukatat, Siravich Khongrod  

A Term Weighting Scheme Based on the Measure of Relevance and Distinction for Text Categorization, Jieming Yang, Jing Wang, Zhiying Liu, Zhaoyang Qu

Perceived Fairness on Service Recovery Satisfaction and on Positive Behavioral Intentions in Cloud Service, Montri Lawkobkit, Ravipa Larpasiri

Virtual Cloud Bank: An Architectural Approach for Intermediating Cloud Services, Joonseok Park, Youngmin An, Keunhyuk Yeom

Trend of centralization in bitcoin’s distributed network, Alireza Beikverdi, Jooseok Song 

Flood Sensing Framework by Arduino and Wireless Sensor Network in Rural-Rwanda, Vianney Vunabandi, Ryuji Matsunaga, Sandor Markon, Nsabiyumva Willy

On the Robustness of Measurement of Reliability Stopping Criterion in Turbo Iterative Decodings, Roslina Mohamad, Harlisya Harun, Makhfudzah Mokhtar, Wan Azizun Wan Adnan, Kaharudin Dimyati

A GPU-based pencil beam algorithm for dose calculations in proton radiation therapy,  Georgios Kalantzis, Theodora Leventouri, Hidenobu Tachibana, Charles Shang

Research on Mid-long Term Load Forecasting based on Combination Forecasting Model, Yao Min, Zhao Min, Xiao Hui, Wang Dongyue

Active Learning for Prediction of Prosodic Phrase Boundaries in Chinese Speech Synthesis Systems Using Conditional Random Fields, Ziping Zhao, Xirong Ma

Performance Analysis of Outdoor Wireless Mesh Network using B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced, Nuzli Mohamad Anas, Faiz Kamil Hashim, Hafizal Mohamad, Mohd Hafiz Baharudin, Mohd Pazli Sulong

Development of Scaling Mechanism for Distributed Web System, Akihiko Horiuchi, Keizo Saisho

GT- kernelPLS: Game theory based hybrid gene selection method for microarray data classification, Adnan Shakoor, Qinke Peng, Shiquan Sun, Xiao Wang, Jia Lv

Various “aaS” of Everything as a Service, Yucong Duan, Yuan Cao,  Xiaobing Sun

A Variety Weapons and Armors Design Algorithm for Role-Playing Games, Jung-Ying Wang

Spatial decision support system for distribution networks, Takwa Tlili, Saoussen Krichen

Incorporating Trust Relationships in Collaborative Filtering Recommender System, Xiao Shen, Haixia Long, Cuihua Ma

Reducing Mobile Device Energy Consumption with Computation Offloading, Hao Qian, Daniel Andresen

A Hybrid Communication Approach for Disaster Recovery System, Tanapat Ruengsatra, Kulit Na Nakorn,  Krerk Piromsopa, Kultida Rojviboonchai

Secure Object Tracking Protocol for Networked RFID Systems, Biplob Ray, Morshed Chowdhury, Jemal Abawajy, Monika Jesmin

Power Analysis for Clock Fluctuation LSI, Yusuke Nozaki, Toshiya Asai, Kensaku Asahi, Masaya Yoshikawa

Dynamic User-Level CPU allocation for Volunteer Computing in CFS-based scheduler environment, Krerk Piromsopa, Korakit Seemakhupt

Cold Data Eviction Using Node Congestion Probability for HDFS based on Hybrid SSD, Nayoung Park, Byungjun Lee, Kyung Tae Kim, Hee Yong Youn

Knowledge Mining for Cognitive Agents Through Path based Forward Checking, Tanvir Atahary, Tarek Taha, Fredrick Webber, Scott Douglass

Bayesian Network and Response Surface Methodology for Prediction and Improvement of Bacterial Metabolite Production, Lobna Bouchaala,  Saoussen Ben Khedher, Hela Mezghanni, Nabil Zouari, Slim Tounsi

Revolutionizing the Afghan Educational Assessment Paradigm through ICT, Hamidullah Sokout, Rashid Ahmadi  Abdul, Mohammad Hanif Gharanai,  Samiullah Paracha

Improving Hypervisor based SSD Caching with Logically Partitioned Blocks and Scanning in Cloud Environment, Hee Jung Park, Kyung Tae Kim, Byung Jun Lee, Rhee Man Kil, Hee Yong Youn

Advance Quantum based Binary Neural Network Learning Algorithm, Om Prakash Patel, Aruna Tiwari

Considering Block Popularity in Disk Cache Replacement Scheme for improve Hit Ratio based on Solid State Drive, Yonjoong Ryou, Byungjun Lee, Sanghyun Yoo, Hee Youg Youn

An Abelian Group Model of Commutative Data Dependence Relations for the Iteration Space Slicing, Hong Yao, Huifang Deng

A Genetic Clustering Technique for Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection Systems, Belhadj Aissa Naila, Gueroumi Mohamed

On the Accelerated Convergence of Genetic Algorithm Using GPU Parallel Operations, Chu-Hsing Lin, Jung-Chun Liu, Cheng-Chieh Li, Winston Lo

Bidirectional Confidential with Bilateral Filter on Local Based Optical Flow for Image Reconstruction under Noisy Condition, Darun Kesrarat,  Vorapoj Patanavijit

Extracting news content with visual unit of web pages, Wenhao Zhu, Song Dai, Yang Song, Zhiguo Lu

BFC: High-Performance Distributed Big-File Cloud Storage Based On Key-Value Store, Thanh Trung Nguyen, Tin Khac Vu, Minh Hieu Nguyen

An Energy Efficient and Optimal Randomized Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks, Kyung Tae Kim, Man Youn Kim, Ji Hyeon Choi, Hee Yong Youn

Survivability Prediction of Web System Based On Log Statistics, Jiaan Zhou, Huaikou Miao, Jinyu Kai, Kun Zhao, Honghao Gao

Video Gender Recognition Using Temporal Coherent Face Descriptor, Wei-Cheng Wang, Ru-Yun Hsu, Chun-Rong Huang, Li-You Syu

Graphic Models for the Recognition of Arabic continuous speech based Triphones modeling, Elyes Zarrouk, Yassine Benayed, Faiez Gargouri

Extreme Learning Machines in the field of Text Classification, Rajendra Kumar Roul, Ashish Nanda, Viraj Patel, Sanjay Kumar Sahay

Significant Frequency Range of Brain Wave Signals for Authentication, Preecha Tangkraingkij

High Performance Declarative Memory Systems through MapReduce, Mark Edmonds, Tanvir Atahary, Tarek Taha, Scott Douglass

Multicast-based Replication for Hadoop HDFS, Jiadong Wu, Bo Hong

Multithreading MAS for real time scheduling, Yaroslav Shepilov, Daria Pavlova, Daria Kazanskaia, Valerii Novikov

Optimizing Strassen Matrix Multiply on GPUs, Ayaz Ul Hassan Khan, Mayez Al-Mouhamed, Allam Fatayer

Incremental Max-Margin Learning for Semi-Supervised Multi-Class Problem, Taocheng Hu, Jinhui Yu

A comparision of driving behaviour prediction algorithm using multi sensory data on smartphone, Thunyasit Pholprasit, Worasit Choochaiwattana, Chalermpol Saiprasert

Evaluation of Global Synchronization for Iterative Algebra Algorithms on Many Core, Ayaz Ul Hassan Khan, Mayez Al-Mouhamed, Lutfi Firdous

Improvement of an ID-based Proxy Signature Scheme Without Trusted PKG, Limin Sha

Portable Parallelized Blowfish Via RenderScript, Spencer Davis, Brandon Jones, Hai Jiang

A computational study on different penalty approaches for constrained optimization in radiation therapy treatment planning with a simulated annealing algorithm, Sadegh Mohammadi, Charles Shang, Zoubir Ouhib, Theodora Leventouri, Georgios Kalantzis

Analysis and Classification of Respiratory Health Risks with Respect to Air Pollution Levels, Ruhul Amin Dicken, S.A.M Fazle Rubby, Sheefta Naz, A. M. Arefin Khaled, Shuvo Ashish Rahman, Sharmina Rahman, Mohammad Rashedur Rahman

NVM/DRAM Hybrid Memory Management with Language Runtime Support via MRW Queue, Gaku Nakagawa, Shuichi Oikawa

A Software Binding Application Tool based on the Orthogonal Variability Description Language for Software Product Line Development, Gyeongmin Go, Sungwon Kang, Jongsun Ahn

HBase Fine Grained Access Control with Extended Permissions and Inheritable Roles, Yan-yan Lai, Quan Qian

Test Oracles Based on Metamorphic Relations for Image Processing Applications, Tahir Jameel, Mengxiang Lin, Liu Chao

Experimental Design of High Performance Non Volatile Main Memory Swapping using DRAM, Hirotaka Kawata,Shuichi Oikawa

Applying Data Mining Techniques To Predict Annual Yield Of Major Crops And Recommend Planting Different Crops In Different Districts In Bangladesh Cooperative e-Learning, A.T. M Shakil Ahamed, Navid Tanzeem Mahmood,  Nazmul Hossain, Mohammad Tanzir Kabir, Kallal Das, Faridur Rahman, Mohammad Rashedur Rahman

An Efficient Multi Query System for Content Based Image Retrieval Using Query Replacement, Vimina E R, Ramakrishnan K, Poulose Jacob K, Navya Nandakumar

Empowering patients using cloud based Personal Health Record System, Yeong-Tae Song, Sungchul Hone, Jinie Pak

Data Mining Techniques to Analyze the Reason for Home Birth in Bangladesh, Fahim Jawad, Tawsif Ur Rahman Choudhury, Ahmad Najeeb, Mohammed Faisal, Fariha Nusrat, Rubaiya Chamon Shamita, Mohammad Rashedur Rahman

A Sewage Outfall Management System Based on WebGIS: Design and Implement, Xiu Li, Zhuo Jia, Jin Yu, Zhixiong Yang

Load Balancing of P2P MMORPG Systems with Hierarchical Area-of-Interest Management, Satoshi Fujita

The Application of Graph Algorithms: A Reference Mapping Tool, Chunning Wang, ShaoChun Xu, Lichao Chen, Jiayu Li

A Chain Algorithm for Conformance Testing based on UIO Sequences, Weiwei Lin, Hongwei Zeng

Study and Performance Analysis of Various VM Placement Strategies, Mohammad Rashedur Rahman, Mohammad Raihan Mahmud, Mohammed Rashid Choudhury

Reducing Connection Failure in Mobility Management for LTE HetNet using MCDM Algorithm, Xianda Chen, Young Ho Suh, Seung Wan Kim, Hee Yong Youn

Software Integration in Global Software Development: Success Factors for GSD Vendors, Muhammad Ilyas, Siffat Ullah Khan

Realization of FGAC Model using XACML Policy Specification, Muhammad Awais Shibli, Rahat Masood, Umme Habiba

Design and Evaluation of Database and API Supporting Shogi Learners on the Internet, Ryo Miura, Toshiki Kinuhata, Shinji Ohara, Hiroyuki Tarumi, Toshihiro Hayashi, Junko Ichino

Complex brain network of patients with epilespy using cascading failure analysis of fMRI data, Ke Ming, Duan Xiaoxin, Zhang Fan, Yang Xiaoping

Formal Verification of Internal Block Diagram of SysML for Modeling Real-Time System, Sajjad Ali , Muhammad Abdul Basit Ur Rahim, Fahim Arif

Application of improved core vector machine in the prediction of algal blooms in Tolo Harbour, Xiu Li, Jin Yu, Zhuo Jia, Huimin Wang

Test Suite Reduction for Mutation Testing Based on Formal Concept Analysis, Liping Li, Honghao Gao

A Novel Approach to Maximize the Sum-Rate for MIMO Broadcast Channels, M. Arif Khan, Rafiqul Islam, Morshed Chowdhury

A Machine Learning Strategy for Predicting March Madness Winners, Jordan Gumm, Andrew Barrett, Gongzhu Hu

Quality of Service Based Cross Layer Routing Protocol for VANETs, Sabih Ur Rehman, Muhammad Arif Khan, Tanveer Ahmed Zia, Muhammad Jafer

An Integrated Optimization Model for Wireless Access Point Deployment Construction, and Enhancement, Chen-Shu Wang, Shiang-Lin Lin

A Simulation Study of Heuristic Node Reordering for Collective I/O, Kwangho Cha, Sungho Kim

Toward Conceptual Representation of Patterns, Sabah Al-Fedaghi, Mohamad Almutairy

SIMD Vectorization of Nested Loop Based on Strip Mining, Jinlong Xu, Huihui Sun, Rongcai Zhao

Rough Sets Attribute Reduction Using an Accelerated Genetic Algorithm, Abdel-Rahman Hedar, Mohamed Adel Omer, Adel A. Sewisy

Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Data Classification in Intrusion Detection Systems, Abdel-Rahman Hedar, Mohammed Adel, Ahmed Al-Sadek, Adel Abuelmagd Sewissy

A new algorithm for m-closest keywords query over spatial web with grid partitioning, Yuan Qiu, Tadashi Ohmori, Takahiko Shintani, Hideyuki Fujita

Fields for Efficient Analysis of Big Data, Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya

Emotional Scene Retrieval from Lifelog Videos Using Evolutionary Feature Creation, Hiroki Nomiya, Teruhisa Hochin

Document Similarity Computation by Combining Multiple Representation Models, Jiyi Li, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Masatoshi Yoshikawa

Effect of Color of a Character on Its Impression, Yui Nonomura, Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya

Method of Introducing Appropriate Respondents to Questions at Question-and-Answer Sites, Yuya Yokoyama, Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya

Service and billing management method of interactive communication services, Motoi Iwashita, Shigeaki Tanimoto

A Method of Safe and Efficient Editing in Tabular Forms Using a Descriptive Grammar of Semantic Structures, Hiroyuki Aoki, Lina Zhang, Yasuhiko Morimoto, Shoichi Nakamura, Youzou Miyadera

A Model for the connectedness of stones in the game of Go, Masafumi Sato, Koichi Anada, Masayoshi Tsutsumi

A Formalization of Financial Statements with Heterogeneous Parts by Graph Grammars, Koushi Anzai, Ken Yokota, Takeo Yaku

Improvement of Multiple CP/CPS based on Level of Assurance for Campus PKI Deployment, Shigeaki Tanimoto, Toshihiko Moriya, Hiroyuki Sato, Atsushi Kanai

Design and Evaluation of Automated Scoring Java Programming Assignments, Yuki Akahane, Hiroki Kitaya, Ushio Inoue

Simple Models Characterizing the Cell Dwell Time with a Log-Normal Distribution, Naoshi Sakamoto

A Method of Ridge Detection in Triangular Dissections Generated by Homogeneous Rectangular Dissections, Koichi Anada, Taiyou Kikuchi, Shinji Koka, Youzou Miyadera, Takeo Yaku

Risk Assessment of Social-media Utilization in an Enterprise, Shigeaki Tanimoto, Kenichi Ohata, Shoichi Yoneda, Motoi Iwashita, Yosiaki Seki, Hiroyuki Sato, Atsushi Kanai

Architecture for Wide Area Appliance Management, Arata Koike, Ryota Ishibashi

A Study of Pupil Detection and Tracking by Image Processing Techniques for a Human Eye-Computer Interaction System, Ryo Shimata, Yoshihiro Mitani, Tsumoru Ochiai

Web News Ranking for Elementary School Children based on Degree of SNS Users' Attention and Popular Search Queries among Children, Shoya Tanaka, Kazuaki Ando

Overview of Graphical Operational Profiles for Generating Test Cases of GUI Software, Yuma Namba, Shun Akimoto, Tomohiko Takagi

Test Case Selection Technique for Regression Testing Using Differential Control Flow Graphs, Shun Akimoto, Rihito Yaegashi, Tomohiko Takagi

Overview of a Place/Transition Net-Based Mutation Testing Framework to Obtain Test Cases Effective for Concurrent Software, Tomohiko Takagi, Takuya Arao

Active S-quiz: An Intelligent Educational System for Basic Knowledge Learning by Question-Posing, Toshihiro Hayashi, Shimpei Nakagawa, Takuya Kishimoto, Yuji Hirai, Kazuhiro Ura, Rihito Yaegashi, Hiroshi Murai, Hiroyuki Tarumi

A Study of Load-Balancing Strategy Based on Students’ Action on University Cooperative e-Learning, Hiroshi Murai, Kazuhiro Ura, Norifumi Suehiro, Rihito Yaegashi, Yoshiro Imai, Keizo Saisho, Toshihiro Hayashi

Development of the Creating System for Lecture Contents by Combining the Lecture Materials, Keima Kumano, Ryosuke Takata, Toshihiro Hayashi, Hiroshi Murai, Kazuhiro Uenosono, Rihito Yaegashi

Proposal of Debate Assistant System for Improving the Ability of Externalization and Response in Conversation, Zhong Wei Xu, Yasuo Miyoshi

A System which Manages Lecture Materials Using Meta Data of Lecture Materials, Ryosuke Takata, Keima Kumano, Ryo Oooka, Hiroshi Murai, Toshihiro Hayashi, Rihito Yaegashi

The Method to Create Test suite based on Operational Profiles for Combination Test of Status, Hisashi Fukutake, Liang Xu, Ryota Watanabe, Tomohiko Takagi, Rihito Yaegashi