SNPD 2016 Accepted Papers

Title Authors
Ming Zhang
A Two-layer Cloud Database Model and Its Bidirectional Conversion Algorithms Ying Li and Yuling Lu
Study of Occlusion Problem in Stereo Matching Jianguo Liu, Xuesong Li, Qin Qin and Hao Zhang
On Optimizing Partitioning Strategies for\\ Faster Inverted Index Compression Xingshen Song, Kun Jiang, Yu Jiang
Vibe Moving Object Detection Method Based on Dynamic Threshold Jiansheng Wu and Bo Xu
A fusion algorithm of template matching based on infrared simulation image Ruiheng Zhang, Chengpo Mu, Mingsong Peng and Xiang Gao
An ARM Cortex Micrcontroller Based Solution for Real-Time Extraction and Classification of Auto Regressive Features from EEG Faisal Mehmood, Abdul Haseeb, M. Bilal Mobeen and Muhammad Aqil
Joint multi-channel assignment and routing in wireless mesh network Changsheng Yin, Ruopeng Yang, Dongdong Wu and Wei Zhu
Hierarchical Latent Semantic Mapping for Automated Topic Generation Guorui Zhou, Guang Chen
Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch for Loss Minimization Utilizing Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm Mohd Herwan Sulaiman, Zuriani Mustaffa, Mohd Rusllim Mohamed and Omar Aliman
Document representation based on semantic smooth topic model Ying Liu, Wei Song, Lizhen Liu and Hanshi Wang
Massive Crowd Motion Simulation based on Potential Energy Field Dan Li
 Ontology = Structure + Flow Sabah Al-Fedaghi
Sample Reconstruction and Secondary Feature Selection in Noisy Speech Emotion Recognition Xiaoqing Jiang
A Self-Organizing Algorithm for Community Structure Analysis in Complex Networks Hanlin Sun, Wei Jie, Christian Sauer, Sugang Ma, Gang Han and Wei Xing
Design Patterns Applied for Game Design Patterns Junfeng Qu, Yinglei Song and Yong Wei
A Lower Cost Computing and Communications for Data Integrity Verification in Mobile Multi-Cloud Computing Environment Laicheng Cao and Wenwen He
A Lower Cost Computing and Communications for Data Integrity Verification in Mobile Multi-Cloud Computing Environment Laicheng Cao and Wenwen He
A Novel Fuzzy Omni-directional Gait Planning Algorithm for Biped Robot Xuesi Li, Haobin Shi, Weihao Liang, Ming‘ai Dang, Huahui Chen, Shixiong Wang
Network Intrusion Detection System Model Based on Data Mining Yanjie Zhao
Testing and Code Review Based Effort-Aware Bug Prediction Model Muthukumaran Kasinathan, Lalita Bhanu Murthy Neti, Karthik Reddy and Prateek Talishetti
Image Segmentation Based on Local Chan-Vese Model Optimized by Max-flow Algorithm Li Zhongguo, Zeng Lei, Wang Ti, Chen Jian and Yan Bin
Improved Accuracy of Speaker Verification System in Noisy Environment Nirmala Salam, Rekha Nair
An Empirical Study on Recovering Requirement-to-Code Links Yuchen Zhang, Chengcheng Wan, Beijun Shen and Bo Jin
Percolation thresholds on tree-based communities of wireless sensor networks Qiao Li, Baihai Zhang, Zhendong Niu, Lingguo Cui, Bin Wu
The optimization of beer recipe based on an improved ant colony algorithm Song Zheng, Xiaoqing Zheng and Chunlin Wang
 Multi-layer Structure Model and Configuration Mechanism of Ontogenetic Hardware Xiao Ma, Yue Li and Nantian Wang
Characteristics of Analysis Methods for the Impression Evaluation Method by Space Shunsuke Akai, Teruhisa Hochin and Hiroki Nomiya
Study on Improvement of Fingerprint Matching Algorithm in Wireless LAN Based Indoor Positioning System Hongyu Wang, Zhanhao Zhao, Jialiang Hu, Zhenxin Qu and Hao Feng
Team Negotiation Based on Solidarity Behavior: A Concession Strategy in the Team Jian Wang and Gong Jingqiu
A Location Based Data Product Xianming Liu, Li Pan and Hong Zheng
Request Distribution with Pre-Learning for Distributed SSL Reverse Proxies Haitao Dong, Yiqiang Sheng and Jun Yang
RaceTracker:Effective and Efficient Detection of Data Races Zhen Yang, Zhen Yu, Xiaohong Su and Peijun Ma
Projection Search For Approximate Nearest Neighbor Cheng Feng, Bo Yang
Hardware Implementation of Real-time Visual Hand Recognition and Hand Tracking System Based on FPGA Mengmeng Han, Jiajun Chen, Zhishuai Yu and Yuchun Chang
Visual Hand Gesture Recognition with Convolution Neural Network Mengmeng Han, Jiajun Chen, Ling Li and Yuchun Chang
A Fingertips Detection Method Based on the Combination of Centroid and Harris Corner Algorithm Chen Jiajun, Han Mengmeng, Yang Shu and Chang Yuchun
A distributed-memory parallel approach for the generation of multibillion element tetrahedral meshes Xiaoqing Wang and Xianlong Jin
Detecting Integer Overflow in Windows Binary Executables based on Symbolic Execution Zhang Bin, Feng Chao, Wu Bo and Tang Chaojing
Exploring Topic Models in Software Engineering Data Analysis: A Survey Xiaobing Sun, Xiangyue Liu, Bin Li, Yucong Duan, Hui Yang and Jiajun Hu
Optimization of Low Characteristic Signal Solid Propellant Formulations Based on Improved GA Jiuling Zhao and Wenhai Zhang
Position Orientating PathReverse Ray Tracing Algorithm Based on Cluster Analysis Fanzeng Kong, Nae Zheng, Guangyi Liu and Xiukun Ren
Energy-saving Operation Optimization of Middle-Low-Speed Maglev Train Based on Genetic Algorithm Yanjun Jiao, Haokai Huang, Xiao Ma and Shaoke Liu
Operational Pattern Based Code Generation For Management Information System: An Industrial Case Study Fagui Mao, Xuyang Cai, Beijun Shen, Yong Xia and Bo Jin
Mechanistic Relationship between Instruction Fetch Width and Basic Block Size to Architectural Vulnerability Factor Liu Tang and Zhangqin Huang
A method for Issue Queue Soft Error Vulnerability mitigation Liu Tang and Zhangqin Huang
 A Dynamic Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decomposition and Diversity Introduction Min Liu and Yuzhen Liu
Service Matchmaking with Closed World Reasoning Wenli Qi and Fangfang Liu
Bilateral Histogram Equalization with Pre-processing for Contrast Enhancement Feroz Mahmud Amil, Md. Mostafijur Rahman, Shanto Rahman, Emon Kumar Dey and Mohammad Shoyaib
A Framework for Test Data Generation of Object-oriented Programs Based on Complete Testing Chain Gang Li, Lei Yu and Huihui Sun
Accelerated Diffusion-Based Recommendation on Tripartite Graphs Algorithm with GPU Clusters Jingpeng Wang, Mi Li, Jie Huang
Improving the Efficiency of Schedulability Tests for Fixed Priority Preemptive Systems Guangliang Yu, Mengfei Yang and Hejie Sun
A Hybrid Method for Bilingual Text Sentiment Classification Based On Deep Learning Liu Guolong, Xu Xiaofei, Chen Siding, Deng Bailong and Li Li
Automatic Verification of Non-recursive Algorithm of Hanoi Tower by Using Isabelle Theorem Prover Zhen You, Huazhen Xu and Jinyun Xue
Self-Adaptive Access Control & Delegation in Cloud Computing Ali Malik, Hirra Anwar and Muhammad Awais Shibli
Paralleled Fast Search and Find of Density Peaks Clustering Algorithm on GPUs with CUDA Mi Li, Jingpeng Wang and Jie Huang
Application of Combined Evaluation Method Based on Comprehensive Weight and Gray-fuzzy Theory in Network Security Risk Assessment Zhipeng Li, Zhijie Li, Yongjun Shen and Guidong Zhang
MIMO Antenna Design for Future 5G Wireless Communication Systems M. Aziz Ul Haq, M. Arif Khan and Rafiqul Islam
A Deep Learning Approach for VM Workload Prediction in the Cloud Feng Qiu, Bin Zhang and Jun Guo
Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks Based on Spline Regression and Bayesian Group Lasso Yue Fan and Qinke Peng
A Method of Metamorphic Relations Constructing for Object-oriented Software Testing Xinglong Zhang, Lei Yu and Xuemei Hou
A GPU accelerated finite element method of the bioheat transfer equation for ultrasound thermal ablation Georgios Kalantzis, Warner Miller, Wolfgang Tichy and Suzanne Leblang
Functional Classification Study for Mathematical Formulas Retrieval Sai Hong, Wei Su, He Lin and Xianchao Lv
Ranking Web Service for High Quality by Applying Improved Entropy-TOPSIS Method Ruonan Sun and Bin Zhang
A Comparative Evaluation of Open-Source Graph Processing Platforms Xiaohui Pan
Image Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network with CUDA-cuDNN based Parallel Training Huali Wang, Junzhong Zou, Jian Zhang, Zuochen Wei and Chunmei Wang
Automatic Support for Formal Specification Construction Using Pattern Knowledge Xi Wang, Weikai Miao
 MLSA: a static bugs analysis tool based on LLVM IR Hongliang Liang, Lei Wang and Dongyang Wu
Verifying RTuinOS using VCC: from Approach to Practice Hongliang Liang, Daijie Zhang, Xiaodong Jia, Xiaoxiao Pei and Guangyuan Li
On Optimal Electric Vehicles Penetration in a Novel Archipelago Microgrids Qingyu Yang, Zhengan Tan, Dou An, Wei Yu and Xinyu Yang
Understanding and Detecting Performance and Security Bugs in IOT Oses Hongliang Liang and Qian Zhao
Single-trial ERP Detecting for Emotion Recognition Jingfang Jiang, Ying Zeng, Li Tong, Chi Zhang and Bin Yan
An Efficient Page Replacement Algorithm for PCM-based Mobile Embedded Systems Seunghoon Yoo and Hyokyung Bahn
Covariance estimation for Vertically partitioned data in a Distributed environment Aruna Govada and Sanjay K.Sahay
A Hybrid Model for Arabic Document Indexing Souheila Ben Guirat, Ibrahim Bounhas and Yahia Slimani
Statistical Approach to Semantic Indexing in Multilingual Documents Mallat Souheyl and Hkiri Emna
Justifying the Transition from Trustworthiness to Resiliency via Generation of Safety Cases Chung-Ling Lin, Wuwei Shen and Steven Drager
An Efficient Uniform Integrated Advection Algorithm for Finite Time Lyapunov Exponent Field Computation On GPU and MIC Wang Fang, Deng Liang, Zhao Dan, Li Sikun
A Novel Microgrid based Resilient Demand Response Scheme in Smart Grid Xinyu Yang, Xiaofei He, Jie Lin, Wei Yu and Qingyu Yang
Optimal Placement of Charging Stations for Electric Taxis in Urban Area with Profit Maximization Yuhan Dong, Siyuan Qian, Jinxing Liu, Lin Zhang and Kai Zhang
An Improved Model for PM2.5 Inference Based on Support Vector Machine Yuhan Dong, Hui Wang, Lin Zhang and Kai Zhang
A hybrid genetic algorithm for solving the VRP with time windows Yahyaoui Hiba, Krichen Saoussen and Dekdouk Abdelkader
 A Model-Driven Approach for Optimizing the Usability of Software Systems Marwa Hentati, Lasaad Benammar, Abdelwaheb Trabelsi and Adel Mahfouhdi
Design of Decentralized Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Scheme in LTE Downlink System Marwa Hentati, Lasaad Benammar, Abdelwaheb Trabelsi and Adel Mahfouhdi
Intelligent Mailbox - An IoT Application Nabeel Ur Rehman
A layered tone-mapping operator based on contrast enhanced adaptive histogram equalization Shaojun Zhang, Sheng Zhang, Jianhua Pang and Hailong Chen
Select and Test (ST) Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning Irosh Fernando and Frans Henskens
Safe-Platoon : A Formal Model for Safety Evaluation Mohamed Garou
Detection of Dengue Epidemic in Dhaka, Bangladesh by a Neuro Fuzzy Approach Mohammad Rashedur Rahman
DENCLUE for Vietnamese Sentiment Classification in Cloudera Phu Vo Ngoc
Optimal Many-to-Many Personalized Concurrent Communication in RapidIO-based Fat-trees Xi Wang, Weikai Miao
Test Case Prioritization base on Requirement Correlations Tingting Ma and Hongwei Zeng
Affective-feature-based Sentiment Analysis using SVM Classifier Fang Luo
A Correct by Construction approach for modeling and formalizing self-adaptive systems Marwa Hachicha, Riadh Ben Halima and Ahmed Hadj Kacem
Facial Expression Classification using Support Vector Machine Based on Bidirectional Local Binary Pattern Histogram Feature Descriptor Kiran Talele and Kushal Tuckley.
Scheduling Overload for Real-Time Systems using SMT Solver Zhuo Cheng, Zhang Haitao, Yasuo Tan and Yuto Lim
A Corpus Based System for Language Resource Construction and Syntactic Analysis: Case of Arabic Nabil Khoufi, Chafik Aloulou and Lamia Hadrich Belguith
A Design of Context-Aware Framework for Conditional Preferences of Group of Users Reza Khoshkangini

A Novel Compact Antenna Design for Secure eHealth Wireless Applications

M. Aziz Ul Haq, M. Arif Khan and Rafiqul Islam

Composite-based conflict Resolution in Merging Versions of UML Models
Hao Chong, Renwei Zhang, Zheng Qin
Enhancing Spatial Data data warehouse Exploitation: A SOLAP recommendation approach Saida Aissi, Mohamed Salah Gouider, Tarek Sboui, Lamjed Ben Said
An Improved Image Matching Method Based on ORB
Letian Li, Lin Wu, Yongcun Gao
Visual Abstraction Improvement of Interactive Dot Map
Di Zhang,Ligu Zhu,Zida Xiao
Design, modeling and tuning of modified PID controller for autopilot in MAVs
CHEN Xu-hui,  Ejaz Ul Haq,  LIN Jiawei
The research of the brain default network using cascading algorithm
Ming Ke, Zhao Cao, Zhijing Li Xiaoping Yang
Adaptive Fuzzy PID Speed Control of DC Belt Conveyor System 
Genetic Algorithm Optimization Research Based On Simulated Annealing
Shunan Lan, Weiguo Lin
Development of Puzzle Game aboutChildren's etiquetteBased On Unity3D
Li Jiyuan, Hu Wenfeng
Research and Implementation of Media Asset Management Mode
Wang Bo, Zhang Xin
SLACM: Heterogeneous Multilevel Service Aggregation Access Control Model based Situation Logic
Min Wang, Yongbin Wang
Network security risk assessment method based on HMM and attack graph model
Liu Si-chao,  Liu Yuan
Development of Electrostatic Decay Time Intelligent Test Instrument and Software Design
Li Hui, Shi XiaoHua, Lin KeJun, Yu HongYu
A Comparative Study on Black-Box Testing with Open Source Applications
Shaochun Xu, Lichao Chen, Chunning Wang, Oleksandr Rud
A Novel Multidimensional professionalism evaluation model
Zhengzhong Li, Wenqian Shang