Keynote Speakers

Data Computations for Applied Informatics


Naohiro Ishii
Department of Information Science,
Aichi Institute of Technology
Yakusacho, Toyota, Japan 470-0392


Extensive developments are carried out in the fields of Applied Informatics. Among these fields, the fundamental problem is to develop the specific data processing and to provide each technology for the discipline of the Informatics. First, I would like to talk about an example of Neuro Informatics and Biomedical Informatics, which I was engaged in the research of the School of Medicine. In this talk, I will show the data processing problem in the experimental neurophysiology study and how to solve the problem in cooperation with Shannon information theory. Second, text classification problem in the Data Informatics is taken. In this discipline, since the text processing needs multiple distance measurements, the problem is how to cope with these situations for the higher classification accuracy. In the rough set theory, the data reduction is carried out by reducts, which have minimal discernibility classification ability. In this study, the multiple reducts corresponding to different distance measures are shown to be useful for the classification.



Naohiro Ishii received the Ph.D degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan, in 1968. He was a professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, where he had the conference, SNPD 2001. He is a professor in the Department of Information Science, Aichi Institute of Technology. He was a conference chair of SNPD 2001 and is previous President of ACIS. He was an editorial member of Int. Journal of Knowledge-based Intelligent Eng. Systems, Int. Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools and is of International Journal of Software Innovation. He has served on program and advisory committee member of international conferences. His interest includes computer engineering, artificial intelligence and applied informatics.

Social Service Innovations with Information Technologies

Tokuro Matsuo, Ph.D.
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan


Service science research has been developing rapidly in this decade and provided a lot of contribution to enhance value of information systems. Most of IT engineers and scientists are promoting researches based on the concept what information systems make an effective, an optimal, and comfortable society. Since the e-services are provided to users, we need to define their values on user-friendliness, sustainability, economical efficiencies, effectiveness, satisfaction, and some other viewpoints. In this talk, I introduce the service fit model to realize what the users utilities are enhanced by e-services. The former half, we discuss the irrational issues of human activity and thinking. Even though some splendid services are provided by the information systems, people sometimes do not think the service is valuable because their thinking and services are not matched. In latter half, I introduce some examples and actual cases where the systems provide smart services and functions. IT solutions in tourism industry and semiconductors industry are introduced in end of this talk.


Dr. Tokuro Matsuo is a full professor at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology since 2012. He received the doctor degree of engineering from Dept. of Computer Science at Nagoya Institute of Technology in 2006. He is a guest professor at Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia since 2015; a research project professor of Collective Intelligence Research Center at Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan since 2015; a research fellow of SEITI in Central Michigan University, USA since 2010; and an executive director of International Institute of Applied Informatics since 2010. He was a visiting researcher at University of California at Irvine in 2010-2011; was a research fellow at Shanghai University between 2010 to 2013; and was a research project professor of Green Computing Research Center at Nagoya Institute of Technology between 2011 to 2014. His current research interests include electronic commerce and business, service science and marketing, business management, artificial intelligence, material informatics, tourism informatics, convention research, and incentive design on e-services. Some of his researches are presented in the top international conferences on AAAI, IEEE CEC, AAMAS, and WWW.

He chaired a lot of international conferences including IEEE/ACIS SNPD 2009, 2012 and 2014, IEEE/ACIS ICIS 2010 and 2013, IEEE IWEA 2007-2012, ACAN 2005-2012, and AAI 2012-2016. He gave over 70 keynotes and invited talk at international conferences, symposia, and seminars. He also received over 40 awards and research grants from research foundations, company and Government. He is also commissioned as Japan Conference Ambassador, Kumamoto City MICE Ambassador, and Adviser of Information Promotion of Japan.